Real Estate Digital Transformation in 2022: New Trends You Should Adopt

While smart solutions became increasingly popular among other industries, the real estate industry stayed quite conservative and remained a late adopter of  digital technologies. However, during the past few years this tendency changed and digital transformation gained its momentum.  Now it is hard to imagine a successful real estate company without innovative property management systems, […]

Сloud-based Real Estate Software Solutions: The New Word in the Real Estate Management

Cloud computing is a technology that changes approaches crucially among different industries. It brings flexibility, which a crucial for such an intense and people-centered industry as real estate.   Cloud-based real estate software solutions bring real estate professionals and managers to a new level of operations, making digital no less of an import than physical. By […]

Real Estate CRM Development: Best Way to Boost your Business

Real estate industry is considered to be one of the most successful businesses in the world. Realtors sell so many houses and apartments that it seems that they do a perfect job and experience no issues. But in fact, it is not quite true. Apart from challenges caused by the pandemics and economic deterioration, most […]