WebRTC Video Conferencing App: The Full Guide

web RTC video conferencing app

Video conferencing apps have become the new normal in modern workplaces. These tools serve as indispensable components for modern businesses allowing them to achieve maximum efficiency while practicing remote and hybrid working models. Video conferencing apps provide companies the possibility to overcome challenges fostering efficient communication and bringing the team closer together. Zoom, Cisco WebEx, […]

Custom Software Development for Startups: How We do it in Altamira 

It’s an undeniable fact that startups make our world a better and smarter place. Take Uber, Airbnb, Zoom, LinkedIn and other solutions that we actively use on a daily basis. They turn communication, employment, traveling, shopping and working activities to a whole new level.  No wonder each year the number of startups increases and breaks […]

What is a Business Solution?

Nowadays, every business seeks its own ways and approaches to deliver the most value and operate on its maximal capacities. Companies have their specific needs, and catering to them might be a challenge. However, choosing and creating the right solutions will be a key to optimizing business processes and enhancing the efficiency of the whole […]

Nearshore Software Development Europe

Looking for a software development partner, but your local market is expensive, while the offshore team is too hard to maintain and cooperate with? Then, you still have a third option — nearshore outsourcing!  Nearshore firms are usually situated in nearby countries, where the time difference isn’t more than 2-3 hours with your own state. […]

How to Build Custom Software for Algorithmic Trading

After reading this article, you will discover the key points related to algorithmic trading, uncover the main nuances, pros, cons, and challenges of building trading algorithms software and reasons why you need to find good Trading App Development company. The best growth strategy for every professional trader would be to build and use custom algorithmic trading […]