How Data Can Boost Customer Service in Cloud Kitchens

Online services have drastically transformed consumers’ habits. Online shopping, education, telemedicine — we can get almost everything we want or need just by clicking a few buttons without leaving the house. Food delivery is one of the most in-demand spheres: the market is predicted to grow and reach a whopping $ 320 billion by 2029. […]

8 Essentials Data Management Strategies for your Businesses

The true potential of data can reinvent the business processes within organizations and create an extra competitive edge. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of small- and middle-sized businesses lack an understanding of the importance of data, and those who comprehend, struggle to implement efficient practices to access data value. Intentionally or not, every modern business generates […]

What Is Data Modeling & Why Does It Matter?

Data is not something abstract, meaning surely you cannot touch it and sometimes monitor all processes it goes through, but it has great value for businesses. Overall, data is the binder to lead the company to complete knowledge and understanding of the value it can receive from data. Data is used in practically all company […]

Data Mining in IoT – Efficient Strategies for Data Analytics

Smart IoT connected environments generate huge amounts of raw data. To become more data-driven, it is not enough for business owners to just collect and store large amounts of data. Namely, there is a need to select and synthesize the most appropriate algorithm using data mining for IoT. You should extract the maximum value and […]

Data Driven Approach: Towards a Business Change

Slowly but surely, data-driven is taking over the world. The concept of data-driven decisions is increasingly common – decisions based on a large amount of data. Whatever companies are from the point of view of management culture, they somehow use data to make a decision – otherwise, the decisive one would have nothing to rely […]