How to Build an Effective Software Development Team: Overview of Crucial Steps and Main Roles 

Digital transformation gained its momentum in 2022. This year the increasing number of businesses started to invest in custom software development. No wonder, because reliable solutions help to automate a lot of processes, unload employees, improve client service and even increase overall company income.  But what’s even more important, custom software grants a huge competitive […]

Common UI Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: Guide by Altamira

In 2022 it is hard to imagine a company selling service or goods without a website and digital productivity tools. Businesses and company owners understand the power of digitalization and embrace it eagerly. However, not all of them do it right. We’ve noticed that many clients of development agencies are mainly focused on website or […]

Top Strategies and Tips Helping to Speed Up Software Development 

Technologies have become an inseparable part of our lives and even businesses. They are able to increase business value, transform and automate key processes, grant competitive advantage and even provide new growth opportunities.  The investments in digital transformation and technologies keep growing and surprising us with the tremendous numbers. Just take a look at the […]