Smart Property Systems and Custom PMS Development Guide

The rental real estate management is not the most straightforward job since you need to find a tenant and take payment and perform many tasks related to real estate maintenance, accounting, etc. The more real estate objects you have for rent, the bigger is a need for software to automate processes and free up time […]

Why Does Dubai Need Real Estate Software Development in 2022?

Digitalization has already become a new reality for our world. Customers, especially the youngest generations, are equally comfortable in both real and virtual realities, if not more in the latest. Enterprises, reacting to this fundamental lifestyle shift, are bound to reflect on the changes and adapt, despite the industry they work in. The real estate […]

Cloud-based Rental Property Management Software and What you Need to Know about it

The booming rental property industry is hungry for solutions that enable the optimization of property management operations. According to the statistics, the property management industry average annual growth rate for the last 5 years has been 2.5%, gaining a bigger market share every year. Property managers are increasingly concerned about growth and owner satisfaction. More than […]

IRent vs. Custom PMS Development

When setting up a new business process, many of our clients are trying to find a ready-made digital solution to facilitate our work. How do we usually do it? We read the description and, at best, watch the video review. Then we decide whether it is suitable or not. Only after using this software can […]