Scrum Software Development Framework: What It Is And Why It’s Incredible

When it comes to software development, the final result is always influenced by numerous factors. The first things that pop up in our minds are budget, the expertise of software engineers, time limits, efficiently set workflow, and effective communication between a client and a development team. Yet, there is also one aspect that is as […]

What is Scope Creep and 7 Ways to Avoid It

Today, we would like to explore one of the common risks that appear on various software projects, which is called scope creep. This occurrence happens due to tons of change requests to some parts within the software project after the project roadmap was approved, and the development process started.  This risk is rather predictable and […]

Epics, User Stories, Themes, and Initiatives: The Key Difference and Examples

If you have ever developed any software or are just planning on doing so, chances are that you’ve heard the words “epic” and “user story”. You’ve likely also seen epics and user stories in a budget estimation received from an IT outsourcing company, in case you’ve ever requested such. This is because both terms are […]

Why release management is important in the software development cycle

The end goal of any software development is a successful release of the ready made solution.  The release is one of the most important and anticipated events in the software development lifecycle. Preparing for release can take a lot of time and effort, involving the entire team and stakeholders. So the question is – can […]

Product Roadmap: What It Is and How to Build One

To make a brilliant app idea a reality, you not only need a bunch of professional programmers. Organizing teamwork and establishing effective communication are equally important aspects that have a significant impact on the final results. This is especially applicable if you plan to build a complex solution and a development process is expected to be […]

Scrum vs Other Methodologies

You have probably already heard a lot about Scrum being the most efficient methodology for software development. However, nowadays, there are a lot of other frameworks that help teams organize their work — all having their pros and cons. And it’s not always easy to see the differences between them and figure out what would […]