Uber-like app

Uber for Lawyers: Quick Appointments for Legal Advice


Promote your Legal Services through Mobile App

Uber for lawyers will allow you to provide legal advice at any time whether you’re in the office or in the country. Make additional income stream from a subscription-based mobile app.

The mobile app can be a great automation tool to make all routine work you’ve previously made by yourself. Upload all document templates, standard answers on most common legal issues and open this legal database to your customers.

Uber for Lawyers will be a great way for you to establish a professional consulting network, that can connect specialists with customers and match them based on their inquiry.

Legal Advice App Features

  • Booking & Scheduling – This is a core feature that will allow customers to book an exact time for a consultation and specify their issue in advance.
  • Payment Gateway – Integrate PayPal, Stripe, Escrow or any other payment method your targeted audience will prefer.
  • FAQ Finder – This feature may come as extra service that will increase conversion rates. It will allow users to get answers for the simple legal question for free and dedicate consultation time for more specific problems.

How much does Lawyer on-demand app cost?

To make an app like Uber for Lawyers you need designers, developers, business analysts, project managers, and hard work by many professionals. Usually price for such apps for Lawyers starts from 30K per one platform (iOS or Android) and it can increase, depending on the company you will choose. However, as we have ready-made developed modules as well as extensive experience making such applications, our prices are lower. We may deliver your own on-demand app with unique design developed specifically for your Law Business for only about 10K.

We have been developing Uber for Lawyers Applications for a long time. Thanks to this we accumulated a huge base of knowledge, expertise, and even ready-made MVP. Using such modules, we reduce app cost down to the most affordable on the market.


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