We develop many technologies with one common denominator – opensource. We specialize exclusively in opensource systems, whether build on frameworks or Laravel (OctoberCMS), CakePHP, or the most famous CMS WordPress, Drupal, or other.

Healthcare & Pharma


Union Health Insurance has entrusted the development and management of a web solution with tens of thousands of daily visitors a day to our hands. We also help Falck Healthcare with the E-commerce solution.

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Media & Culture


Ministry of Culture of the SR, Slovak National Theater, Austrian music publishing of classical music Universal Edition and many other cultural institutions placed the development of their websites in our hands. In addition, we have developed several web presentations for various exhibitions, or even a new website for the Ministry of Culture of the SR or Museum of Slovak National Uprising in Banská Bystrica. Simply said, we feel comfortable in the cultural field.


E-commerce and delivery


We are a certified partner of the German e-shop giant Shopware which is one of the most used e-commerce solutions in German-speaking countries. We have completed many projects on this, but also on other platforms, and have lots of experience with integrating third party software tools on e-commerce solutions that we deliver. All e-commerce projects of our clients are provided with service support in various modes.

Consultations and analysis


In addition to the development of web solutions, we also provide consultations in the field of web design, analyses and audits of actual solutions, or designs for optimization of corporate web ecosystems. Our focus even reaches the design and implementation of server solutions necessary for the operation of designed web solutions, its administration, scaling, and service support.