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Model Development - AI Research

Make informed business decisions with insights gained from advanced AI research services. We’re not just about algorithms and data – we’re about breaking new ground in AI research, creating solutions that think, learn, and adapt like never before.

With Altamira AI research services, you gain the knowledge and insights needed to fully tap into the power of AI and ML. Whether you’re seeking to make informed decisions, explore emerging trends, or optimise AI implementation for your specific use cases, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

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Data analysis

We make the best use of AI and ML data, uncovering trends, forecasts, and benchmarks that shed light on market dynamics and future directions.

Use-case centric approach

Our market coverage is deeply rooted in use cases. We examine the implementation of AI and ML technologies for each specific use case, ensuring that you have the knowledge needed to leverage these technologies effectively.

Technical and business evaluation

Our experts assess the key technical and business factors that shape AI and ML market activities and business models. This encompasses ML as a service, technology and platform as a service, software licensing, and edge AI hardware and applications.

Explore the advantages of our AI research services

Comprehensive data analysis

Investigate diverse data sets to reveal valuable insights, clarify your current business situation, and identify key pain points. A holistic approach to data analysis enables you to perform time series analysis, customer classification, segmentation, anomaly detection, performance optimisation, and fraud detection within your organisational framework.

Tailored user experiences

Personalise user experiences to create intuitive and customised products for all users, whether they are your internal team members or external target audiences. Make your offerings resonate and meet the unique needs of each user.

Predictive power

Harness the predictive capabilities of AI for research to anticipate quality improvements, maintenance needs, revenue projections, and future developments that directly or indirectly impact your business.

Enhanced security

Monitor your assets effectively to meet cybersecurity and physical security objectives, safeguarding your business from potential threats.

Our methodology

A blend of innovation and rigor in AI development

01 Robust data curation

02 Agile development

03 Validation protocols

04 Cutting-edge frameworks

We lay a strong foundation with clean, reliable data sets.

Our team adapts quickly to evolving project requirements for optimal outcomes.

We ensure the models perform accurately and reliably in real-world conditions.

Utilising the latest in AI development frameworks, covering OpenCV and TensorFlow, we build state-of-the-art models.

What challenges do we solve?

  • Improving decision-making by providing data-driven insights based on identified trends, predicted outcomes, and suggested optimal actions

  • Enhancing customer experience by learning individual preferences and behaviours through data analysis

  • Optimising operational efficiency, reducing costs, and improving service delivery by automating routine tasks

  • Managing risk by detecting fraudulent transactions in real-time, predicting and mitigating cybersecurity threats, and ensuring compliance with regulations through automated monitoring

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Let’s treat the core problems, not symptoms.

Estimate my project

Receive a personalised project estimate and take the first step towards bringing your idea to life.

Discover success stories

Explore our case studies and find out how we have helped some of our clients from around the world.

For startups

The adoption of AI helps startups to refine product offerings and scale operations efficiently as they grow.

  • Accelerated prototyping and product development
  • Improved personalisation for targeted product development
  • Cost efficiency due to routine tasks automation and operational process optimisation

  • For small and medium-sized businesses

    Streamline operations to compete more effectively with larger companies without significantly increase in workforce.

  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Improved decision-making across sales trends, customer satisfaction, and operational risks
  • Market expansion due to understanding new and emerging market trends, identifying target demographics, and optimising market entry strategies

  • For enterprises

    Benefit immensely from AI model development to enhance growth capabilities, improve risk management, and maintain sustainability.

  • Streamlined financial forecasting and cybersecurity
  • Global operation automation
  • Supply chain optimisation, cost reduction, and reliability improvement across complex networks

  • Compliance and ethics

    Upholding the highest standards of ethical AI

    01 Privacy protection

    02 Fairness assurance

    03 Transparency commitment

    04 Regulatory adherence

    05 Ethical code

    We guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your data

    Committing to unbiased algorithmic decisions in every model.

    We offer clear explanations for how our AI models operate

    Strict compliance with GDPR and industry-specific regulations.

    Embedding ethical considerations into our AI from conception to deployment.

    Discover why customers choose Altamira

    Altamira produced superlative deliverables that provide valuable information to guide internal operations and support sales processes. The team was receptive to feedback, adapting resources to ensure effective collaboration.


    Ryan Crawford


    Custom-made ERP solution that provides jet brokerage services to boost jet sales and service quality.

    Services we provided

    • Web Application
    • UI/UX Design
    Communication was excellent and my original idea became real thanks to the brilliant work of Business Analysts and Project Managers. Their prompts were always on time, hence there were no misunderstandings in the process. I am absolutely satisfied with how my app looks and functions. It is exactly what I wanted to get when I decided to go with this team.

    CEO & Co-founder, Aquiline Drones

    Barry Alexander


    Android and iOS native applications that provide on-demand drone services, where users can connect with couriers and track the status of their drone order delivery.

    Services we provided

    • Mobile Application Development
    • UX/UI Design
    At first, I felt hesitant about trusting such a complex project to outsource developers. But, fortunately, my concerns appeared to be absolutely unfounded. Altamira team did amazing job! And I was pleasantly surprised by how well-established processes they have.

    CTO, Ticker Tocker

    Jonathan Kopnic


    Web, iOS, and Android trading platform that offers advanced capabilities in earning by trading, selling products via the integrated marketplace, and conducting trading live-streaming.

    Services we provided

    • Discovery
    • Tech Vendor Audit
    • Web and Mobile Application Development
    The team’s communication practices made for a rapid yet stable exchange of information, allowing for the quick resolution of all issues that arose during development.

    IT Solution Team Leader

    Dusan Barus


    Unique mobile solution that automates the process of uploading, transferring, documenting, numbering, and downloading pictures.

    Services we provided

    • Web Application Development
    • UX/UI Design
    It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team at Altamira. We have never been blocked or impeded by their work. They operate efficiently and quickly to get the job done.

    CEO, CTRL Golf

    Ian Cash


    Unique mobile application that aims to teach users to play golf according to individual playing styles and recommendations provided by specifically developed algorithms.

    Services we provided

    • Discovery
    • Mobile Application Development
    • UX/UI Design
    Altamira helped us to shape the future of music by launching our disruptive publishing tool scodo. What I appreciate most in working with them is their incredibly structured approach while keeping a strong focus on reaching our project’s goals. And of course all of that paired with highly talented and likeable people across the board.

    Head of Services, Universal Edition

    Entertainment & Media

    Electronic document delivery ecosystem development for music publishing.

    Services we provided

    • Web application development
    • Software Development

    People also asked

    What is AI in research?

    AI research refers to the application of artificial intelligence technologies to enhance, expedite, and transform scientific investigations. It’s a fusion of cutting-edge AI methods with traditional research processes, enabling more profound insights and quicker discoveries in various fields, from healthcare to environmental science. Get in touch to learn how AI research can benefit your business.

    How do I get involved in AI research?

    Getting involved in Artificial Intelligence research requires a blend of education, practical skills, and curiosity. Start by gaining a solid foundation in computer science, mathematics, and data analysis. Engage in online courses or academic programs specialising in AI and machine learning. Additionally, hands-on experience through internships, projects, or collaborations with research institutions can be immensely beneficial.

    Who leads AI research?

    AI research is led by a diverse group of entities, including universities, tech giants, and specialised research labs. Collaborations with AI researchers across the sectors further accelerate advancements in the field.

    Navigate to the Google search engine and input your query. Google’s AI algorithms work behind the scenes to analyse your search terms and return the most relevant, accurate, and up-to-date results. For more AI-focused queries, explore Google Scholar for academic papers or Google’s AI blog for the latest developments in AI research. Contact us to learn more about AI research tools.

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