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Low-Code/No-Code Development Services

Fast and cost-effective idea validation or MVP development utilising scalable No-Code or Low-Code platforms significantly reducing time-to-market. Take advantage of our No-Code/Low-Code development services delivered to make a difference.

Ideas validation and scalable solution development with No-Code or Low-Code software development

Why Low-Code or No-Code software development?

Utilising mature No-Code / Low-Code software development platforms usually results in 3-5x quicker delivery time and more error-prone solutions, which are easy to maintain.

When No-Code or Low-Code development?

Low-Code or No-Code app development approach is generally suitable for most applications but there are certain limitations. Those, we always discover during the Software Discovery and Ideation phase.

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Any concerns about No-Code and Low-Code development?


Applications built on No-Code or Low-Code platforms are scalable, and most of them will not hit the limits of the platforms on which they’re developed. However it is always one of the outcomes of Software Discovery and Ideation phase to validate suitability of suggested technical solution.

Custom code?

Wherever possible, a developer uses the No-Code approach using the pre-made capabilities of the selected platform. When it comes to unique requirements, first, we validate if they’re necessary and then implement them via custom code snippets.

Vendor lock-in?

Yes, with No-Code or Low-Code platforms, your application is bound to the selected platform, not the development agency. Switching vendors is easier than with the classical programming approach.


No-Code or Low-Code solutions are usually easier to maintain, sometimes even using internal No-Code / Low-Code developers’ capacities, which significantly reduces maintenance expenses.

What challenges can you address?

Accelerating digital transformation

Businesses are under constant pressure to digitally transform their operations. Low-Code/No-Code development accelerates this transformation by enabling rapid application development and deployment, so businesses can quickly adapt to market changes and customer demands.

High development costs

Traditional software development can be expensive, requiring significant investment in human resources, technology, and time. Low-Code/No-Code platforms streamline the development process, significantly reducing costs associated with custom software development and maintenance.

Difficulties while integrating new technologies

Integrating new technologies (like AI, IoT, and blockchain) into existing systems can be complex and resource-intensive. Low-Code/No-Code platforms often come with pre-built templates and integrations that simplify the incorporation of these technologies.

Meeting regulatory and compliance standards

Low-Code/No-Code platforms are designed with built-in compliance and security features. Our experts will ensure your applications adhere to necessary regulations without needing specialized expertise.

IT backlog

IT departments often face backlogs due to the high demand for new applications and updates. Low-Code/No-Code development democratizes the creation of applications, allowing business users to contribute directly to their development needs and reducing the IT backlog.

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Usual Delivery Process

The best results come from a seamless integration of design and No-Code/Low-Code app development. All skills and specialties are synchronized around a common goal. It’s what makes Altamira unique.

01 Processing your idea

02 Discovery

03 Design

04 Development and QA testing

05 Maintenance

At the beginning of our journey, we will run:

  • Analysis of competitors
  • Market research
  • Project vision analysis
  • Development risks analysis

We convert your idea into project requirements and choose suitable architecture for your SaaS solution in order to secure app security and scalability.

The design concept is one of the most vital parts of the development as it must be intuitive and suitable for your type of SaaS software development for different customers within your target audience.

At Altamira, No-Code/Low-Code developers provide qualitative product development and test its functionality to fix any bugs and errors before release. 

What’s great about custom development is that you get constant support for your solution even after deployment. In case customers face any problems with the application, our team is always ready to jump in and resolve these issues as soon as possible. 

What are the benefits of Low-code/No-Code services?

It revolves around making software development more accessible, cost-effective, and faster, thus enabling businesses to be more agile and innovative.

For startups

  • Rapid prototyping and market testing
  • Cost efficiency
  • Agility and flexibility through rapid changes and updates

  • For small and medium-sized businesses

  • Streamlining business processes through automation and optimization
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Scalability as their business grows, without the need for significant additional investment in development.

  • For enterprises

  • Accelerated digital transformation initiatives across multiple departments
  • Opportunity for experimenting with and deploying innovative solutions, staying ahead in competitive markets.
  • Enforced governance, security, and compliance standards across the development lifecycle

  • Case studies

    Custom Mobile App for Dog Owners

    Mobile App

    Modern technology can help owners care for their dogs and keep them safe. GPS tracks and saves dogs’ history for their whole life, easily transfers it to new owners and ensures the security and detectability of the animal.

    Read case

    Golf Training App Powered by IoT

    Software Development

    A golf training app that helps players improve their unique golf style. An opportunity for a deep configuration of the swing goal, great visual support, advanced algorithms, and effective feedback makes this project a revolution for golf!

    Read case

    Point of Sales SaaS Solution


    ZempCenter is a multifunctional Point of Sales mobile app that helps retail companies to manage orders, check inventory and stock count, generate employee reports, perform convenient transactions, and see sales reports.

    Read case

    All-in-one Solution App for Local Businesses

    Social Network

    A native iOS and Android app that connects neighbours and helps local businesses to grow within local communities. Bestyn includes posts sharing, private chats, stories and built-in editor for their creation, and tools for promoting local businesses.

    Read case

    Mobile Payment and Virtual Terminal App

    Mobile App

    The SkipCash mobile payment app is operated in Qatar, where common PoS terminals are not widespread. SkipCash tries to solve this problem with a mobile payment app that replaces the payment terminal on the seller's side and replaces the payment card on the client's side.


    Read case
    Altamira financial advisors - financial stability - mobile banking - financial management

    Slovak National Theater Web Development


    We took over the maintenance, continuous improvement, and further development of the website for the most famous and largest Slovak cultural institution – Slovak National Theater.

    Read case

    People also asked

    What does a no-code developer do?

    A no-code developer specialises in creating software applications using platforms that require little to no coding. These platforms offer a user-friendly interface, typically with drag-and-drop components, allowing developers to build apps visually without needing to write extensive code. Contact us to learn more about our low-code/no-code services.

    Is there a demand for no-code developers?

    Yes, there is a growing demand for no-code developers. As businesses seek to streamline app development and reduce reliance on technical coding skills, the need for professionals skilled in no-code development is increasing.

    What can I build with no-code?

    With no-code platforms, you can build a wide range of applications, including websites, mobile apps, business process automation tools, and even complex enterprise solutions, depending on the capabilities of the platform you choose. Contact us to learn more about our low-code/no-code development services.

    What is low-code development?

    Low-code development is a software development approach that requires minimal coding to build applications. As a rule, it involves using a visual development environment with pre-built templates and drag-and-drop components.

    What is low and no-code development?

    Low and no-code solutions development are approaches to software development that minimise or eliminate the need for traditional coding. These technologies empower developers and even non-technical users to build applications using visual interfaces, with low-code allowing some coding for customisation. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

    What is the #1 low-code platform?

    There are numerous low-code software development platforms offering diverse benefits and varying depending on individual business requirements, preferences, and specific goals. The leading low-code platform for a particular user will be the one that best aligns with their operational needs, integrates with their existing systems, offers the right balance of usability and customisability, and provides robust support and scalability options. Contact us to learn what opportunities Altamira can bring to your company.

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