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We are Altamira

We provide solutions that make a tangible impact to our clients’ growth and productivity. With domain knowledge across product and technology development, we aim to provide cost-efficient solutions without compromising quality. We are driven to deliver the best, every single time.

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We set ourselves apart by combining technical expertise with business acumen, creating long-lasting partnerships with our clients

To us, your software is more than a code – it’s a bespoke solution delivered with care by our team of digital nomads with a people-first approach, quality as a core value, and a strong commitment to your success.


By providing holistic software development care, foster deep understanding of our customers’ business needs before writing a single line of code, striving to become a partner rather than a service provider.


Become a European benchmark for reliability and customer satisfaction in software development services.




Satisfied clients


Team members



Developing together as individuals, as a team and as partners.


Fostering the growth by staying honest, loyal, and open.


Fast results by focusing on the action.

Domain Knowledge

Everyone brings unique knowledge and background.

Meet the team

Our dedicated team of professionals, each bringing unique skills and passion to drive digital innovation. Together, we combine expertise and creativity to drive our clients toward their digital goals.

Dmitry Kushnir

Board Member

Denis Korobeinikov

Chief Finance Officer

Nataliia Semak

Head of Delivery

Anna Russu

Head of Talent Acquisition

Oleksandr Nesterenko

Head of Client Success

Oksana Intiuk

Head of Business Operations

Andrius Keblas

Head of Marketing

Oleksandr Budnik

Chief Technology Officer

Kristian Samler

Chief Executive Officer


Here, each award is a testament to our strong commitment to excellence in software development and innovation.


Honorable mention x 5

Mobile excellence x 4

Website – Winner 2018

Special kudos x 5

Shortlisted x 2

App Design – Winner 2022

Website – Silver 2020

Website – Silver 2021

Website – Bronze and Silver 2023

Industry recognition

Altamira successfully became one of the top-rated software development companies, as evidenced by these recognitions.

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