Discovery Stage Service

Shape the unknowns into the defined scope

Complete Discovery stage with Altamira to validate and structure your ideas, discover all the unknowns and mitigate development risks.

Discover the unknowns and mitigate the risks

What is the purpose of the discovery stage?

Discovery stage is a pre-development phase that includes gathering of information, holistic research and writing technical documentation

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What uncertainties to discover?


Discovery Stage would list, validate, unify and standardize the approach to 3d-party solutions, functional and non-functional development, take key decisions on architecture making the infrastructure and development cost predictive.

External services

Discovery stage would validate that those systems can be applied within the industry and your business standards, compliances, software and hardware limitations, time frame constraints, documentation limitations, etc.

Standards and compliances

There may be lots of standards and regulations, which should be reviewed, verified and set for the project to follow. 


Too many ideas, processes, problems, raised initiatives that need wording, coordination and prioritization would be defined during the Discovery Phase. 

Discovery stage structure and flow

Preparation is the key to success, especially if you are dealing
with software development. Let's shape your idea
into the project plan together!.

01 Specialists involved
02 Preparation
03 Ideation
04 Validation
1-3 weeks on average

 Discovery Stage Team:

  • Business Analyst 
  • Product Manager 
  • Software Architect 
2-3 days

We arrange a call to briefly discuss your idea, business needs, goals and priorities. Together we’ll schedule working sessions and meetings and think over the discovery plan. 


What you get:

  • Clear discovery plan and schedule. 
  • Meetings schedule.
up to 5 days

During this stage we focus on the high-level vision and dive into your business sphere. With us you’ll define your high-level priorities and form complete project vision.    


What you get: 

  • Project Vision Document. 
  • Mind diagrams (user flows, business flows, list of solution options, etc.) 
5+ days on average

Prioritize your solution options and write high level project structure. On this stage user flows, wireframes, design concept, and roadmap are being prepared. We also perform prioritization validation.  


What you get:

  • Preliminary Specifications. 
  • Wireframes. 
  • Verified project estimation. 
  • Roadmap. 
  • List of 3d-party solutions. 
  • Tech vision 
  • Defined Risks.
Discovery Stage Results
01 - Project Vision Document

PV Document will help you to identify your value proposition and target audience, monetization strategy, and key performance indicators.D escribe the main idea behind the project and define objectives and problems that the solution will solve.

02 - Preliminary Specifications
The specifications document contains a well-formulated and comprehensive backlog. It captures functional and non-functional requirements and information about the tech stack. It is written in the form of epics and separate user stories.  
03 - Tech Vision

It will contain the info about the tech stack, infrastructure and project scheme, key risks, main decisions, the list of all necessary third-party solutions, and verified estimation of your project.

04 - Roadmap

This is a visualized plan of your future project that captures goals (long and short-term), priorities, deliverables, and a list of actions that will be performed by the developer’s team. 

05 - Wireframes Design Concept
You will get all designer documentation, wireframes and UX roadmap that will help you to get a full picture of how your solution will look and how its elements will work.

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Services we are proficient in

We keep challenging ourselves to continue building custom software solutions for companies that operate in diverse industries, the main uniting factor between which is that they all seek digital transformation.

Application Development

Altamira team builds web and mobile apps with robust features that reflect your business's identity. You will get flexible and scalable web, cross-platform and native apps that will satisfy even the most demanding users.

MVP Development

With the our team, you can design, and launch your unique digital product with minimal investment to test your idea on the market. We build MVPs that could be easily scaled in the future without needing to rebuild them from scratch.

UX/UI Design

Web and Mobile UX design is vital to the success of most digital solutions and services. Altamira team is your perfect partner in designing products and services that maximize end-user satisfaction and increase profitability.

Discovery Stage

Validate and structure ideas to launch the trouble free development. It will help you to identify your value proposition and target audience, monetization strategy and key performance indicators. Get your homework done beforehand.

Code Review & Data Migration

We offer audit and consulting, conducting code reviews and infrastructure optimization to migrate to the cloud and save infrastructure code. You will be able to maintain data integrity while eliminating redundancies.

Outstaffed Developers

Our services surely include the various combinations of team extension like outstaffing, dedicated team, and outsourcing. The selection entirely depends on the ongoing business and development requirements of our clients.

Why Altamira

Our team aims for excellence in results and achieves the stated goals
We support and boost individual business needs 
to maximize efficiency of custom solutions
We grant top-level engineers who are committed 
to ensuring high-quality outsourcing services
We guarantee transparency of processes and continuous communication to achieve the desired outcomes

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