Data analysis and visualisation for a leading biotechnology company Amgen

About the client

Amgen is one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies, deeply rooted in science and innovation, to transform new ideas and discoveries into medicines for patients with serious illnesses. Established in 1980 and headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California, the company has solidified a substantial global presence, reporting a revenue of US$28.2 billion. Altamira had the privilege of collaborating closely with Amgen Slovakia s.r.o., addressing their specific requirements within the Slovak market.

Our Expertise

Data Platform Development


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Key results

  • Enhanced market understanding
  • Customisation and flexibility
  • Solution offers Amgen a unique set of data insights
  • Project delivered in 3 weeks

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The Challenge

Initially, Amgen suffered from a lack of patient regional data and sell-out data from payers. So, the Client approached Altamira with a clear yet ambitious objective: to acquire comprehensive, orchestrated payer data, including patient registries and monthly updates.

Although the Client provided some initial specifications, Altamira played a key role in refining their vision and ensuring that the data platform solution was tailored to meet their precise needs.


The Solution

Altamira’s team addressed the Client’s need and delivered the solution in 3 weeks without any functional or operational issues. StatRix is a custom data solution focused on the analysis and visualisation of patient prescription data reported by healthcare insurance companies.

The main analysis and visualisation functionality of StatRix includes the following:

  • Patient numbers on the product
  • Spread of diagnoses for which the product is being prescribed
  • Patient demography split by diagnoses and treatments
  • Year-to-year change (based on diagnosis/treatment)
  • Coprescriptions
  • Comorbidities
  • Switches


Based on Amgen’s feedback, later we have incorporated several functional enhancements:

  • Created and implemented new filters for data preprocessing and transformation
  • Expanded possibilities for data export
  • Incorporated more options for data review, allowing the Amgen to see more trends in their business to make accurate data-driven decisions.


StatRix is a custom closed platform that provides detailed patient and sales-out data based on monthly license fees.

This platform proved valuable for the Amgen, as it provided invaluable insights into disease prevalence, drug distribution, and prescription trends that were not readily available from other sources.

The development team, led by our Solution Architect, worked tirelessly to ensure that the data platform not only met but exceeded Amgen’s expectations, facilitating a deeper understanding of the Slovak pharmaceutical landscape.

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The Result

Altamira’s solution has had a profound impact on Amgen’s operations in Slovakia. Our custom-made platform has enabled Amgen to gain a 360-degree understanding and effectively navigate the pitfalls of the Slovak pharmaceutical landscape.

The key benefits of this project include:

  • Enhanced market understanding: Amgen now has access to detailed insights into the Slovak pharmaceutical market, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Customisation and flexibility: The platform’s customisable features allow Amgen to tailor their data analysis to specific needs, providing flexibility in handling complex data sets.
  • Unique data: Unlike generic market reports, Altamira’s solution offers Amgen a unique set of data insights.


Consequently, Altamira’s data platform solution for Amgen exemplifies how targeted technological solutions can transform a client’s business operations and provide them with the tools needed to excel in a highly competitive healthcare market. Currently Altamira continues to deliver monthly aggregated data through flat files, maintaining a high level of service.