Web Platform Surf & Yoga

A web platform development that connects the vast community of surfers and yoga lovers and helps them search for an instructor to practice yoga or surfing in a list of destinations.

About the client

Surf and yoga business owners sought to connect like-minded people so they could share their knowledge in Yoga and Surfing.

Our Expertise

Web Development


Discovery phase

Product development


Quality Assurance



Key results

  • 900+ development hours
  • Rapidly growing community

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The Challenge

The client came to us with ready designs that inspired us in terms of development. We were asked to develop a web platform that would provide a unique experience for the vast community of surfers and yoga lovers.

The web platform features profile registration that highlights the user’s experience as a trainer or student. Combined with the clean and good-looking interface, we’ve made a perfect spot for users searching for an instructor to practice yoga or surfing.


The Solution

User flow

As it follows from the name, the site provides two categories of services: surfing and yoga. Those two options are present right on the welcome screen. From here, users can choose what kind of activity they prefer and quickly search for instructors by location and date.

We’ve also added a “How it works” button on the first screen since the idea is quite pioneering, and we wanted to make sure anyone will understand what this site stands for. Upon clicking the button, users will be moved to the introduction section right below.

Below is a list of destinations where surfing and yoga services are available.

Upon clicking the destination, users will be directed to the page with a list of instructors in the region. From here, they can see a price tag and an exact location on Google Maps.

Geolocation is one of the important features of Surf & Yoga. It helps users find perfect spots for morning yoga with a breathtaking sunrise view or sandy bays with high waves.

The biggest benefit of the service is that all instructors can indicate their availability based on their calendars. From here, users can book classes, pay for them, cancel, and receive a refund. Moreover, we’ve added a messaging feature so users can chat with instructors directly before booking a class.

Instructor profile contains:

  • Instructor’s Bio
  • Instructor’s Rating
  • Calendar for Reservations
  • List of Equipment for Rent
  • Session Description
  • Location Description
  • User Reviews.

The agile review and feedback system ensures that all instructors comply with the highest standards.

The web platform features profile registration that highlights the user’s experience as a trainer or student. The profile page has a dedicated field for such necessary information as:

  • Emergency Contacts
  • Training Certificates.


The client asked us to use Jira for follow-ups so he could be constantly updated. Each task of the project was presented there in order to give him the possibility to track the progress, comment on bugs, and provide prompt advice.

The first step was making the agile architecture in accordance with the previously organised roadmap. The architectural phase was divided into milestones, slicing and further developing the project through manual testing.


We’ve been provided with wireframes and logo design, which allowed us to jump-start the project right from the development stage and focus on the integration of additional features and payment methods.

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The Result


Since the project will be available worldwide, the client asked us to make a clear, flat design understandable for all users, regardless of their country of origin. We’ve made UI as simple as possible so that anyone can join the project, whether they have technical skills or not.


We took a simple Bootstrap theme for a page layout. Bootstrap itself is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile-first projects on the web.


Altamira have researched extensively to stay on top of the current development goals. They ingeniously put the resources and tools available to their maximum use. They demonstrated a high level of competency in the skills and knowledge required. The Altamira team learned and applied new skills quickly. Their skilled and knowledgeable developers have always came up with the best and suitable solutions and did their best to satisfy my needs.

The team leader demonstrated outstanding written and verbal communication skills. She listens carefully, asks perceptive questions, and quickly comprehends new or highly complex matters and she is careful to keep others informed in a timely manner.

With the lead of their sharp and well-organized project manager, the development of the website was done on time and with precision. They needed a minimal amount of supervision to fulfil their responsibilities.

Altamira is a great company to work with. We have been collaborating on this project for a couple of months and we will continue improving the platform for a little bit longer. Thanks to Altamira, we took this project from an idea stage to a project stage and then to reality.

Altamira team not only easily operates within the approved budget but also makes maximum use of the allocated budget and conserves organizational resources. I enjoy working with them, and would definitely recommend them. You can count on their team, they are very professional, knowledgeable and reliable.

Dris Mhammedi