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AI Data and Analytics Services

Explore what’s possible with data to enhance performance, resilience, and growth. Our tailored AI-powered data and analytics solutions, delivered with the help of top talent and technology, transform your raw data into valuable insights that drive smarter business decisions and superior outcomes.

Model development - AI research

Make informed business decisions with insights gained from advanced AI research services. We’re not just about algorithms and data—we’re exploring new opportunities in AI research and creating solutions that think, learn, and adapt like never before.

Challenges we solve

Data analysis

We make the best use of AI and ML data, uncovering trends, forecasts, and benchmarks that illuminate market dynamics and future directions.

Technical and business evaluation

Our experts assess the key technical and business factors that shape AI and ML market activities and business models. We offer machine learning, technology and platform as a service, software licensing, and edge AI hardware and applications.

ML model development

We design tailored machine learning models to address your specific needs. From predictive analytics to computer vision, we use advanced techniques to build models that deliver actionable insights and drive business growth.

ML consulting

Our market coverage is deeply rooted in use cases. We examine the implementation of AI and ML technologies for each specific use case, ensuring that you have the knowledge needed to use these technologies effectively.

Benefits of AI research services

Comprehensive data analysis

Our holistic approach to data analysis enables you to perform time series analysis, customer classification, segmentation, anomaly detection, performance optimisation, and fraud detection within your organisational framework.

Tailored user experiences

Personalise user experiences to create intuitive and customised products for all users, whether they are your internal team members or external target audiences. Make your offerings resonate and meet the unique needs of each user.

Predictive power

Explore AI's predictive capabilities for research to anticipate quality improvements, maintenance needs, revenue projections, and future developments that directly or indirectly impact your business.

Enhanced security

Monitor your assets effectively to meet cybersecurity and physical security objectives, safeguarding your business from potential threats.

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Data pipelines

Data quality is a key requirement for successful adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning. That’s why we’re here to help you regain data control.

Challenges we solve

Data pipeline development

Whether complex or simple, data pipelines are the backbone of your data management strategy and AI Adoption Framework. Data pipelines benefit companies of all sizes. Consolidate data from multiple sources into a single data store (data lake, data warehouse) to build a single source of truth and foundation for any data-related activities.

Data pipelines monitoring

If the data is not monitored, it’s most likely in bad shape. Proper monitoring of data pipelines and automated jobs is essential for consolidated, usable, and accessible data.

Scalability planning

As the business grows, data infrastructure might become a bottleneck for further implementation of advanced AI/ML solutions. To avoid this, plan for scalability early on. Design flexible and reliable data systems that can handle increasing volumes of data and more complex analytical processes.

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Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

MLOps, also known as Machine Learning Operations, is a strategy for overseeing the entire existence of a machine learning model, including its training, optimisation, routine use in a production environment, and eventual decommissioning. It covers the whole lifecycle of Machine Learning integration.

Challenges we solve

MLOps development

 With expertise in enterprise-level MLOps engineering, we offer numerous solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you require point improvements or full-scale staff augmentation, our team is equipped to support your journey toward operational excellence.

MLOps consulting

We contribute to your MLOps maturity, streamlining your tech stack, enhancing data science efficiency, and meeting governance requirements. From unifying your infrastructure to optimising processes, we ensure that your MLOps initiatives align with your business objectives.

MLOps audit

With our proactive MLOps audit, you can initiate effective change within your organisation. We conduct a thorough maturity assessment, identifying key pain points and prioritising opportunities for improvement.

Machine Learning Operations

What benefits can you get?

01 Automation of data pipelines

02 Iterative experiments

03 Automated evaluation

04 Streamlined versioning and deployment

05 Scaling

Streamline your workflow by automating data gathering, labeling, and version tracking. With MLOps, teams can easily navigate through iterative experiments and AI/ML research phases without disruptions.

MLOps enhances the efficiency of the experimentation phase, the cornerstone of building reliable and effective models. Experiment and iterate swiftly towards optimal solutions.

Save time by automating iterative evaluation processes and actions based on received results. MLOps takes care of the technical aspects, allowing you to focus on strategic decision-making.

Ensure reliability and control maintenance costs with automated model retraining and deployment. MLOps simplifies versioning and deployment processes, minimising errors and boosting efficiency.

As your projects grow, so does the need for computing power and infrastructure. MLOps enables smooth scalability, ensuring optimal performance and flexibility to meet your evolving demands.

Time series analysis & forecasting

Time series datasets are tracked, monitored, and aggregated to predict the future by examining patterns and trends in the past. Businesses across multiple industries, from finance to trading and everything in between, use this data science technique to make smarter decisions.

Challenges we solve

  • Sales forecasting

    Predict future sales and identify seasonal, cyclical, and random variations to boost sales performance. With advanced algorithms, you can analyse past sales data to accurately predict future trends, enabling you to plan marketing campaigns and meet customer needs.

  • Web traffic forecasting

    Our advanced algorithms analyse historical web traffic data to predict future trends, empowering you to make informed decisions from server capacity planning to advertising campaign management, capturing seasonality patterns and long-term web traffic trends.

  • Trading forecast & analysis

    Estimate market volatility, manage risks, and automate trading strategies to navigate dynamic financial markets with precision and confidence. By analysing historical data, you can make informed decisions, optimise portfolios, and anticipate market-changing events.

  • Supply chain forecasting

    With our supply chain forecasting services, you can reduce warehousing, transportation, and inventory costs while optimising supply chain processes. For example, restaurants may use time series forecasting methods to predict future demand for ingredients based on consumption patterns and historical data, resulting in efficient supply planning and inventory management.

  • Energy consumption forecasting

    Optimise your energy resources and costs with our time series forecasting services for energy consumption to provide accurate predictions and further sustainability.

  • Price predictions

    Experience the accuracy of predictive analytics in pricing strategies, customer segmentation, and competitive pricing analysis to get a competitive edge over competitors.

Discover why customers choose Altamira

Altamira produced superlative deliverables that provide valuable information to guide internal operations and support sales processes.

The team was receptive to feedback, adapting resources to ensure effective collaboration.


Ryan Crawford

eCommerce USA

Powerful web platform for aircraft brokerage.

Services we provided

  • Discovery
  • Web application development
Communication was excellent and my original idea became real thanks to the brilliant work of Business Analysts and Project Managers. Their prompts were always on time, hence there were no misunderstandings in the process.

I am absolutely satisfied with how my app looks and functions. It is exactly what I wanted to get when I decided to go with this team.

CEO & Co-founder, Aquiline Drones

Barry Alexander

eCommerce USA

A mobile large-scale project for the development of innovative drones for various needs, both civilian and government agencies, and the creation of digital services for them.

Services we provided

  • Discovery
  • Mobile application development
At first, I felt hesitant about trusting such a complex project to outsource developers. But, fortunately, my concerns appeared to be absolutely unfounded. Altamira team did amazing job! And I was pleasantly surprised by how well-established processes they have.

CTO, Ticker Tocker

Jonathan Kopnic

Fintech USA

Trading platform development with education, broadcasting, and social networking modules, just to name a few. This intuitive platform helps to earn by trading and selling trading-related products.

Services we provided

  • Discovery
  • Vendor audit
  • Web and mobile application development
Being deeply invested in the education sector, it was quite a challenge to find a software development partner capable of understanding and delivering on our vision. Altamira rose to the occasion, meeting our expectations with the development of our educational solution.

Their holistic approach was evident in how professionally they integrated our ideas with their expertise, resulting in a product that totally meets our goals.

CEO, Elula

Deveren Fogle

EdTech USA

Revolutionary empowerment tool for neuropsychological assessments and child’s academic success.

Services we provided

  • Web and mobile application development
  • Artificial Intelligence
It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team at Altamira. We have never been blocked or impeded by their work. They operate efficiently and quickly to get the job done.


Ian Cash

Health USA

Golf training app that helps players improve their unique golf style, including a deep configuration of the swing goal, great visual support, advanced algorithms, and effective feedback.

Services we provided

  • Discovery
  • Mobile application development
  • Software development
Altamira helped us to shape the future of music by launching our disruptive publishing tool scodo. What I appreciate most in working with them is their incredibly structured approach while keeping a strong focus on reaching our project’s goals. And of course all of that paired with highly talented and likeable people across the board.

Head of Services, Universal Edition

Andreas Bintinger

Entertainment Austria

Electronic document delivery ecosystem development for music publishing.

Services we provided

  • Discovery
  • Web application development
  • Software development

People also asked

What are AI data services?

Artificial intelligence is widely used to collect, process, and analyse large volumes of data. At Altamira, we help businesses transform raw data into actionable insights, improve data quality, automate data management tasks, and support decision-making processes. AI data services also often include data integration, data cleansing, data labelling, and advanced analytics. Contact us to get a free expert consultation.

What is AI in analytics?

AI in analytics refers to the application of artificial intelligence techniques to improve data analysis processes. AI-driven analytics tools can process vast amounts of data quickly, perform complex calculations, and provide deeper insights. They enable predictive analytics, real-time data processing, and advanced data visualisation, helping businesses understand their data better and make data-driven decisions.

Does AI take your data?

AI itself does not take your data; it processes the data that is provided to it. However, the use of AI involves collecting and analysing data to generate insights. It’s important to ensure that data is handled securely and ethically, following data privacy regulations and best practices. At Altamira, we have clear policies on data usage and obtain necessary permissions from data owners. Get in touch to learn more.

How can I use AI to analyse data?

You can use AI to analyse data by using AI-powered tools and platforms designed for data analytics. Start by collecting and preparing your data, then use AI algorithms to process and analyse it. AI can help identify patterns, make predictions, and provide actionable insights. Many businesses use AI for customer behaviour analysis, sales forecasting, operational optimisation, and more. Consider partnering with AI experts or consultants to help you implement and maximise the benefits of AI in your data analysis efforts.

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