Technical and non-technical vacancies
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What does a job and career at Altamira look like?

We are a small company with large and interesting projects, very efficient management, extremely relaxed corporate culture and management based on the “Teal” principle. We don’t have hierarchies, nobody reports to anyone, we have a minimum of “tables” and the team manages itself. And at the very least, we have technological positions open almost always. We believe that good developers will fit a lot in Altamira!

Currently open positions

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Tech Stack

For Frontend we use JS frameworks such as Angular, React or Vue.JS. We also develop mobile applications either in React Native or directly in Swift or Java. We do backend development mainly in PHP (CakePHP and Laravel), but we won't get lost in Python either.


Work organization

We work in micro-teams of 2-4 people, we use gitflow, many principles of Scrum's methodology, but we do not try to submit everything to the plan, but rather we adapt to the real situation. We have 3x weekly 15-minute company-wide stands.


On or offsite?

Covid caught us ready, as we were able to work remotely long before the pandemic. This is no problem for us, but if possible, we like to see ourselves in person in our family house with a garden in Bratislava, near the main station.

Our values

People are the basis of every company. We rely on long-term good relations and minimal fluctuations. This increases the quality of our outputs, because our people are “in the picture” and know in detail the projects they implement. We are a small software company and work in a close team, but on large projects.

  • Organically built hierarchies
  • Freedom, but also responsibility
  • Agile inside and out
  • 100% Remote Friendly
  • 100% Dog Friendly!
  • Work-work balance

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