Accelerate development

Scale up your software development process

Ensuring you can adapt to a larger software workload, without compromising performance or losing revenue.

Challenges you face

74% of business failures can be explained by premature scaling.

  • Product capable of engagement and scale
  • Right people, right seats, right culture
  • Infrastructure that powers growth

Business tries to fix the consequences instead of core problems which causes a business to stall, and if not corrected, causes terminal decline.

It’s at this critical point

The Solution

Altamira operates exclusively to intercept the stall and get back on growth quicker and more sustainably than anyone else.
  • Product capable of engagement and scale
  • Right people, right seats, right culture
  • Infrastructure that powers growth
Reasons why scale us is right for you

Smart brands choose Altamira

Accelerate Development Service

Stay focused on your main business goals
while we cover your software development needs

01 Uncovering
02 Now-Later plan
03 Execution

Workshops to understand three key areas:

  • Product
  • Team & Process
  • Technology

Comprehensive plan identifying what needs to be done:

  • Now - oriented towards capacity release for immediate relief
  • Soon - oriented towards short-term improvements to give the capacity for strategic planning
  • Later - to make sure the improvements are implemented and taken as a new process to avoid the repeat stall
Stage 3

Setup of metrics and control points to execute. Iterative revisions to correct the flow Uncovering team composition:

  • Business Analyst or Product Owner
  • Solution Architect (other tech experts if required, e.g., AI, Data Engineers)
  • Project Manager
  • Client Success Manager

Services we are proficient in

We keep challenging ourselves to continue building custom software solutions for companies that operate in diverse industries, the main uniting factor between which is that they all seek digital transformation.

Application Development

We build web and mobile apps with robust features that reflect your business identity. You will get flexible and scalable web, cross-platform and native apps that will satisfy even the most demanding users.

MVP Development

With the our team, you can design and launch your unique digital product with minimal investment to test your idea on the market. We build MVPs that could be easily scaled in the future without needing to rebuild them from scratch.

UX/UI Design

Web and Mobile UX design is vital to the success of most digital solutions and services. Altamira team is your perfect partner in designing products and services that maximize end-user satisfaction and increase profitability.

Discovery Stage

Validate and structure ideas to launch the trouble-free development. It will help you to identify your value proposition and target audience, monetization strategy and key performance indicators. Get your homework done beforehand.

Code Review & Data Migration

We offer audit and consulting, conducting code reviews and infrastructure optimization to migrate to the cloud and save infrastructure code. You will be able to maintain data integrity while eliminating redundancies.

Outstaffed Developers

Our services include various combinations of team extension like outstaffing, dedicated team, and outsourcing. The selection entirely depends on the ongoing business and development requirements of our clients.

Strive for excellence with Altamira

Altamira has been awarded numerous times for its performance and achievements. Join our community of successful customers, whom we helped to build and grow their businesses through scaling up their software development process.

Discover why customers choose Altamira

"The Altamira team did an amazing job! And I was pleasantly surprised by how well-established processes they have."

Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan Kopnic

flag Fintech Education

Web, iOS, and Android trading platform that offers advanced capabilities in earning by trading, selling products via the integrated marketplace, and conducting trading live-streaming.

Services we provided

  • Web and mobile application development
"I am absolutely satisfied with how my app looks and functions. It is exactly what I wanted to get when I decided to go with this team."

CEO & Co-founder

Barry Alexander

flag Delivery

Android and iOS native applications that provide on-demand drone services, where users can connect with couriers and track the status of their drone order delivery.

Services we provided

  • Mobile application development,
  • UX/UI Design
"Altamira (formerly GBKSOFT) produced superlative deliverables that provide valuable information to guide internal operations and support sales processes. The team was receptive to feedback, adapting resources to ensure effective collaboration."


Ryan Crawford

flag Real Estate

Custom-made ERP solution that provides jet brokerage services to boost jet sales and service quality.

Services we provided

  • Web application development
  • UI/UX design
"Unique mobile application that aims to teach users to play golf according to individual playing styles and recommendations provided by specifically developed algorithms."


Ian Cash

flag Retail

Unique mobile application that aims to teach users to play golf according to individual playing styles and recommendations provided by specifically developed algorithms.

Services we provided

  • Mobile application development
  • UX/UI Design
"The website that Altamira (formerly GBKSOFT) has generated now allows the company to save time and manpower as it performs a lot of tasks that other employees are used to doing. The team members' seamless approach to project management and their communication skills continue to make this collaboration productive."

Project manager

Sholom Erlanger

flag Social network Utility

Resigned web solution for a large-scale printing company that provides a modern order management system and enables customer experience.

Services we provided

  • Web application development
  • UX/UI Design

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