Full Cycle Software Development – All You Need to Know


Full cycle product development company is a reliable partner who will quickly get the idea of your product, nurture it, evolve it and present to the market a fully featured competitive product. It will be prioritized to your time and budgeting limits as well as aligned with your business needs. Sounds like a dream? Read the article below and uncover the purpose, benefits, nuances, and tips helping to choose the right full-cycle software development company and bring your idea into reality with no stress and additional spendings.

Software development cycle - all you need to know in a nutshell

If you have always wondered how a successful app is built, and what are the main stages of development that guarantee a quick launch and successful deployment, this section will be useful for you.

According to the definition, “Software development lifecycle (SDLC) is a life cycle through which software goes, till it is fully developed and deployed.”

In constant pursuit of ways to speed up the deployment of the product, companies are looking for new efficiency ways, and one of those is a trend called full-cycle software development.

The notion means the product development lifecycle from the idea to its deployment.

If you have nothing, but an aspiring idea for your future product, full-cycle software development will be a perfect option for you. The software development team will take care of all product development phases, including MVP development, testing, etc.

The full-cycle development team aims to understand your business needs and objectives, design a software system, conduct its testing, and deploy it ensuring continuous maintenance.

According to TechTarget, SDLC is used to give a rigid structure and framework to define the phases and steps involved in the development of a system.

Full cycle software development stages

The stages of full-cycle software development in Altamira are divided into the following stages:

Discovery stage

It presupposes gathering the requirements by BA, who translates it into the tech requirement for the development team.  At this stage, the features are defined and prioritized, and the aim of the full project is set. It helps to define what the customer wants to achieve with one’s product.

Planning and design

It has a significant impact on hitting milestones, and overall project timeline. During this stage, the software development teams formulate the requirements and simultaneously define the tools which will help to achieve the project objective. Then the development timelines are crafted and roles in the development team are defined.

Development stage

Through this stage, a team having a full understanding of requirements and tasks utilizes the most relevant technologies, frameworks, and programming languages to build the product. Developers encounter bugs and various issues along the full process and conduct code reviews, achieving clear app code.

QA and testing stage

To achieve maximum uptime, the development team makes sure all the components of the software are working as expected. During this stage, the quality of the code is examined preventing the leaking of the bugs into production.

The quality assurance team implements deep testing, including system testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing in the condition of real-customers scenarios of behavior.


Test-driven development process allows to define of the development workflow, shapes off the deployment time, and minimizes the possibility that bugs will appear in the deployed product.

Maintenance stage

This phase presupposes the solution to the possible bugs, allowing users simultaneously experience the product. During this stage, you can also introduce improvements based on user feedback increasing satisfaction and retention rates.

The goal of full-cycle development is simple – make sure that expectations are set during the planning stage taking into account possible changes and sticking to the set project deadlines.

When do you need a full-cycle development team?

No matter the type and complexity of the software development project, any customer needs a team, who will understand the business needs and be able to offer the solutions that will boost your business.

The right full-cycle software development team will be able to join the project at any moment of the project progress, no matter whether you are just shaping your idea or already started the development process.

It may happen, that you understand you have no right expertise in place in the middle of your project. The current team does not meet your expectations, and you need a reliable and experienced partner to get the project back on track within the shortest terms.

Altamira team can help you, no matter which tough challenges you are currently facing:

  • Start the project from scratch;
  • Conduct a discovery phase, helping you to solve a specific business challenge and offer a unique solutions;
  • Help with the outdated code legacy issues, offering current solution upgrades.

We help our clients to plan, design, develop and roll out the product into a marketplace, and avoid the pitfalls.

By choosing full-cycle software development, business leaders can observe the full picture of the product development process. It allows us to estimate the time needed to release the product, enables us to accurately plan the releases, and estimates deadlines taking into account possible variables.


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Why choose a full-cycle development company over other possible development options?

Choosing a full-cycle development company, you hire all the specialists needed to successfully complete and maintain your product, including software engineers, business analytics, UX/UI designers, and QA engineers, who will take care of your product through all stages of development.

You get the full team

Choosing a full-cycle development company, you hire all the specialists needed to successfully complete and maintain your product, including software engineers, business analytics, UX/UI designers, and QA engineers, who will take care of your product through all stages of development.

Highest quality of the final product

Since full-cycle development always includes testing, bug-fixing, regular code review, and after-deployment maintenance, you will roll out the product of the highest quality.


A customer can introduce changes, improvements, and upgrades through the project progress, to achieve one’s business objectives and make the final product fully satisfy the users’ demand.

After-deployment maintenance 

A customer gets post-production support. The team of experts monitors the stability of the product operation quickly fixing possible bugs and ensuring smooth product performance.

Clear view

A customer will have a clear view of all processes, experts involved, estimations, timelines, etc.

How to choose a full-cycle software development company?

There may be many factors that influence the decision-makers in choosing the right partner for the software development process. Is it true the company is able to provide the same quality service to the client but does the quality actually match their requirements for their specific project?

Below, we have gathered efficient tips helping to choose a reliable partner from a variety of full cycle software development services.

Check a portfolio

It will allow you to evaluate when the potential partner will be able to effectively cope with challenges taking into account the wish of the customer. Look for projects similar to yours to see if the vendor has the relevant expertise in your niche and whether the delivered results correspond to the primary demand of a customer.

Clients base

Examine the history of partnerships to discover, whether the preliminary partnerships were long-lasting and successful. It will also allow seeing whether the vendor was able to achieve the expected results.

Relevant tech stack

Make sure a company has the relevant expertise, is experienced in various technologies, and has a substantial tech talent pool.


A potential full cycle product development partner should be able to adapt to the changing project needs. It will allow you to keep the product relevant on the market and adapt to changing requirements of the customers and the marketplace.

Full cycle product software development services at Altamira

Here at Altamira, we have adhered to the Agile software development methodology and managed to achieve flexibility, and fast time to market relying on constant improvement of our technical abilities.

A set of values aimed at agility, adaptability to evolving customer business needs, continuous improvement of technology practices, and personal interaction with the customer. Full-scale software development using Agile is accomplished through regular iterations.

Among the main stages of the software development life cycle are requirement analysis, development testing and implementation, deployment, and maintenance. This well-established process enables rapid development with improvement at the earliest stages through continuous testing.

We can gather a professional team of full-cycle development specialists who will effectively work on your product. No matter whether you are starting from scratch or you need a team to join at any stage of product development we will provide you with the highest quality of service.

Services we offer

If you aim to scale your business, we will help you adjust the architecture and provide skillful software engineers to help you with the software development process.

According to the latest NPS results, our customers’ value is for:

  • Fast time to market;
  • A high level of involvement for the client;
  • Direct communication with the project team members;
  • Transparency of all processes;
  • Flexible cooperation models;
  • No hidden costs.

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Our latest successful projects

Clients trust us and choose us as a reliable partner able to put into reality their boldest idea. Here are our latest successful project development cases.

Global Pet Security

An app designed for dog lovers. It allows masters to take care of their pets, keep them safe and overcome all the difficulties of the dog breeders and later pet owners. The app allows one to keep track of dog health, and vaccination history, store all the information about the pet’s health from the moment it was born, and track the location of the animal in case a pet is lost.

The most interesting features:

Multiplatform development

Taking into account the needs of target customers, we have created an app that functions on various operating platforms including Web, Android, and iOS.

Declaring dog missing

By filling out the special form, the owner of the animal can declare the fact of missing. The other owners of the app will be able to see it and notify in case they encounter it.

QR code scanning

You can find your pet with the help of QR code scans. Primarily, the person who will scan the code will get the information about the dog owner, and secondly, you will receive the geolocation of the point where the code was scanned.

Flexible payment system

App accounts can be paid in various ways. The user may pay once or split the payment into several consecutive payments.

Ticker Tocker - a streaming trading platform

Trading is not easy, since the industry presupposes a lot of difficulties and pitfalls. We have managed to build a successful algorithmic trading platform, taking into account the client’s business objectives, taking into account all the specificities of the stock market.

The most interesting features

Personalized view

The user may choose a chart view based on personal preferences. Users can pick the displacement of a chart and the color of different chart elements.

Market trends

A user may choose the time period of their interest as well as the criterion which will be plotted onto a chart. The most important information will be reflected in a noticeable charts.

Comprehensive view

A user will get a comprehensive view of the market trends in a form of a table, including the summarized data gathered based on many indicators.

To sum up

A brilliant app idea will be successfully put to life only with the experienced full-cycle development team. Full software development life cycle is a complex process and requires a comprehensive approach. It is necessary to take into account the needs of a client, all business objectives, tech aspects, requirements of a team, etc.

Full-cycle development consists of stages ranging from the design phase to the development of minimal viable products (MVP), the release of the full version, testing, and maintenance. The product undergoes many changes and improvements to satisfy users’ constantly shifting wants.

The goal of the complete cycle development process is to make sure the expectation are set in the planning stage and successfully achieved with the right expert team after the release. Thus, the choice of a reliable full-cycle product development team is a key aspect which will define the success of the product.

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