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Change the limits of your business capacities through the power of AI services

Power of AI for Your Business


More than half of business leaders admit that scaling AI-based technologies across their company is a direct and powerful pathway to growth and profitability. That is, applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to business processes improves productivity and optimizes costs. 

Our Key Services

We‌ ‌offer‌ ‌services‌ ‌that spread AI throughout your entire company, disseminating its benefits to every department, leaving no stone unturned:

Benefits of AI

Predictive analytics

Data patterns identified by AI software will help you access deeper insights into the positioning of your business and customer behavior patterns.

Profit enhancement

Thanks to data processing and analysis, AI improves the quality of your services and giving a deeper understanding of the market and client.

Increased data security

Artificial intelligence helps to detect various suspicious activities and classify them all as attacks or prevent different fraudulent financial transactions.

New opportunities

New technological capabilities lead to the launching of new business products and distributing technologies, which are directly connected with business growth.

Turn your AI vision into reality with Altamira

We build AI solutions for different business industries:


With the help of AI + IIoT software and smart sensors, you can run predictive maintenance and prolong the life of your equipment.


Use AI-powered tools to predict the progression of a certain disease, improve disease management and automate clinics’ administrative tasks.


Implement AI software to prevent fraud, provide around-the-clock support with chatbots, and rely on advanced data analysis in financial decision-making.


Improve your customer experience with AI. Run demand forecasting to set more optimal prices for products and increase sales revenues.

Our AI development Service Card

We offer different terms of cooperation. Choose the option that is suitable for you.

Clients say about us


Environmental Services Company

"They give feedback on what we’ve specified, which is much more than having someone that just executes. They’re trying to implement something that makes sense."
"This was a tricky project with complicated requirements. Also, the timeline couldn’t be moved because of state law. Altamira Softworks was up to the challenge of taking on a big project and meeting customer demands."

Design company

"They found a way to work through every complex animation and motion assignment we threw their way. Their team truly thinks critically about their work, rather than just following requirements."

Why Altamira?


Our team pursues the perfect results and achieves all initial goals

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We grant top-level engineers who are committed to ensuring high-quality outsourcing services

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We support and boost individual business needs to maximize efficiency of custom solutions

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We gurantuee trasperancy of processes and continious communication to achieve the desired outcomes