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Image recognition technology is gaining momentum and bringing significant digital transformation to a number of business industries, including automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, eCommerce, and others. With our image recognition software development, you’re not just seeing the big picture, you’re zooming in on details others miss.

Building image recognition solution from scratch

  • Determining the project requirements

    We define the project specifications to estimate time and the required budget.

  • Proof of Concept

    We conduct this process to endorse the idea of the future application with stakeholders and collect project technical documentation.

  • Prototype and solution development

    Our team builds the future image recognition software prototype to test different scenarios of its usage and consider these results in further solution development.

  • Production and deployment

    This development stage includes the final testing of the complete solution and its integration within your business processes.

  • Software maintenance

    Constant support of the solution by our development team.

Upgrading the existing image recognition software system

  • Definition of the project requirements

    This stage is a must, no matter whether we build the image recognition solution from scratch or integrate the existing business application.

  • Audit of the existing software system

    The purpose is to ensure the smooth integration of image recognition technology.

  • Development

    We create flawless image recognition features and seamlessly integrate them into your inner software ecosystem.

  • Testing

    Our team conducts various tests to ensure the newly implemented features work correctly within the entire software system.

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Challenges we solve

  • Security issues addressed through facial recognition, anomaly detection, and real-time surveillance, alerting unusual activities without human intervention

  • Poor quality control processes improved by identifying defects without the need for manual inspection, thus reducing costs and improving efficiency

  • Inventory tracking, warehouse management, and logistics streamlined by automating the process of identifying, counting, and managing stock levels and tracking assets across different locations

  • Time-consuming monitoring of crop health, pest detection, and yield prediction optimized through real-time monitoring and analysis

  • Traffic and urban planning enhanced by analysing traffic flow in real-time from camera feeds, identifying congestion, accidents, and other anomalies

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Why choose Altamira as your image recognition development partner?

01 What do image recognition software development services include?

02 Why does your business need image recognition technology?

03 What is image recognition technology used for?

We provide full-cycle software development for our clients, depending on their ongoing business goals. Whether they need to build the image recognition solution from scratch or integrate image recognition technology within their existing software system.

We usually start by determining the project's technical requirements in order to build the action plan and outline the required technologies and engineers to deliver the solution.

Enabled by deep learning, image recognition empowers your business processes with advanced digital features like personalised search, virtual assistance, collecting insightful data for sales and marketing processes, etc.

Image recognition technology is accountable for detecting and classifying the objects, patterns, and textures from images and videos in order to structure them into various categories and use them within different company departments and workflows.

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Identify and assess vehicle damage and activate insurance policies on the spot without any need for expert assessment.

Streamline store operation, improve inventory, and level up customer experience with accurate item identification.

Eliminate manual data entry, categorise documents, process images, or transcribe videos, converting text into digital format.

Automate processes, gain insights into customer behaviour, and product performance with real-time object detection and classification.

Ensure top-notch quality control, automatically detecting and classifying product defects to maintain high standards.

Case studies

Custom mobile app for dog owners

Mobile App USA

Modern technology can help owners care for their dogs and keep them safe. GPS tracks and saves dogs’ history for their whole life, easily transfers it to new owners and ensures the security and detectability of the animal.

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Training app powered by IoT

Software Development USA

A golf training app that helps players improve their unique golf style. An opportunity for a deep configuration of the swing goal, great visual support, advanced algorithms, and effective feedback makes this project a revolution for golf!

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AI-powered web and mobile app solution development

Artificial Intelligence USA

In response to the need for accessible neuropsychological assessments, Altamira introduced a transformative solution that reimagines the traditional approach to diagnosing and monitoring cognitive, mood, and personality disorders in children.

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All-in-one solution app for local businesses

Social Network USA

A native iOS and Android app that connects neighbours and helps local businesses to grow within local communities. Bestyn includes posts sharing, private chats, stories and built-in editor for their creation, and tools for promoting local businesses.

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Mobile payment and virtual terminal app

Mobile App Qatar

The SkipCash mobile payment app is operated in Qatar, where common PoS terminals are not widespread. SkipCash tries to solve this problem with a mobile payment app that replaces the payment terminal on the seller's side and replaces the payment card on the client's side.


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Altamira financial advisors - financial stability - mobile banking - financial management

Slovak National Theater web development

Website Slovakia

We took over the maintenance, continuous improvement, and further development of the website for the most famous and largest Slovak cultural institution – Slovak National Theater.

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People also asked

Which AI can recognize images?

AI image recognition software can identify and interpret visual data. These systems are engineered with advanced algorithms, enabling them to process and understand images like the human eye. They are widely used in various sectors, including security, healthcare, and automation. For more information, contact us.

Can AI identify objects in images?

Yes, AI can proficiently identify objects within images. Through object detection, AI analyses visual inputs and recognizes various elements, distinguishing between diverse objects, their positions, and sometimes even their actions in the image.

What is the best image recognition software?

Identifying the “best” AI image recognition software hinges on specific requirements and use cases, with choices usually based on accuracy, speed, ease of integration, and cost. Recent strides in image recognition software development have significantly streamlined the precision and speed of these systems, making them more adaptable to a variety of complex visual analysis tasks. Get in touch to learn how we can help your company.

What software is used to detect AI-generated images?

Software that detects AI-generated images often relies on deep learning techniques to differentiate between AI-created and naturally captured images. These tools are designed to identify the subtle patterns and unique digital footprints that differentiate AI-generated images from those captured by cameras or created by humans. They work by examining various aspects of an image, such as texture, consistency, and other specific characteristics that are often telltale signs of AI involvement. Contact us to learn how AI image recognition solution can benefit your business.

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