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The adoption of AI technology in healthcare has brought about new advancements in diagnosis and treatment, which ultimately results in improved patient experiences. Our custom AI software solutions for healthcare systems are designed to optimize operational efficiency by routine task automation, improve diagnostic accuracy with the help of automated clinical predictions and forecasts, as well as empower clinical decision-making.

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Custom development services for healthcare organizations

Medical AI image recognition

Image recognition algorithms use deep learning and neural networks to process digital images, categorize objects, as well as recognize patterns and features. Pre-trained image recognition modeling allows medical professionals to optimize performance in a number of ways – from heart-rate monitoring, MRI, or X-ray interpretation to the detection of any medical abnormalities in patient testing.

AI/ML-powered pharmacovigilance

The integration of AI technologies in pharmacovigilance facilitates drug safety monitoring and implementation of effective risk reduction measures. AI technologies enable automated analysis of submitted adverse events reports, categorizing them based on severity, and help efficiently comply with pharmacovigilance regulatory obligations.

AI data analysis

AI-powered data solutions free up resources by analyzing drug consumption data to identify key patterns in medication adherence, prescriptions, and drug interactions. AI implementation improves medical data analysis, along with cleaning and modeling, which ultimately leads to informed clinical decision-making.

AI-powered pattern recognition

AI pattern recognition systems can be trained to identify any patterns in textual, auditory, or visual information. Leverage our expertise for C-section risk prediction based on fetal heart rate monitor analysis, disease outbreak prediction based on patterns in epidemiological data, or tissue analysis, and disease classification.

AI in Healthcare

Key benefits you can get with AI-powered solutions

01 Diagnostics improvement

02 Data processing & predictive analytics

03 Remote patient monitoring

04 Reduced administrative burden

05 Telemedicine support

06 Quality assurance

07 Cost reduction

With AI you can structure, index, and leverage data for more accurate diagnostics. AI greatly assists healthcare professionals by analyzing medical images (e.g., breast imaging, lung nodule detection on CT scans), patient data, and clinical records.

Healthcare generates massive amounts of data daily. AI-powered solutions allow to analyze data, forecast patient needs and healthcare trends, enabling proactive interventions and resource allocation.

AI-powered remote patient monitoring systems enable continuous medical data collection, analysis, and identification of health issues. This is essential for minimizing the need for routine in-person visits, managing chronic conditions, and ensuring timely medical interventions.

AI can automate administrative tasks, such as medical coding, billing, and appointment scheduling, reducing administrative costs and freeing up healthcare professionals to focus on patient care.

AI-powered virtual assistants and chatbots can help patients with basic healthcare inquiries, schedule appointments, and provide health information, streamlining the accessibility and efficiency of telemedicine services.

AI assists in monitoring the quality and safety of healthcare services, helping healthcare organizations comply with regulatory standards and minimize medical errors.

By improving efficiency, reducing unnecessary tests, and preventing hospital readmissions, AI solutions help to lower healthcare costs for both providers and patients.

Challenges we solve

  • Poor patient experiences through automation and optimisation.

  • Operational inefficiencies, leading to longer wait times and reduced patient satisfaction.

  • Scattered patient data across different systems, which is overwhelming to manage and analyse.

  • Lack of privacy and security of patient data.

Data Security in Healthcare

For us, data security is paramount. As a software development service provider, we hold ISO 27001 certification and strictly adhere to privacy and compliance regulations, including HIPAA and GDPR. Our privacy-by-default approach ensures that sensitive data is safeguarded at all times, maintaining the trust and compliance necessary for the healthcare industry.

Here's how we tailor our impact across these different scales of operations

For startups

We empower startups to manage growing amounts of data, expand service offerings, and enter new markets with ease, all while maintaining high standards of patient care and compliance.

For small and medium-sized businesses

We equip SMEs with AI-powered analytics tools to analyze data, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning, identifying areas for improvement, and optimizing services.

For enterprises

We focus on security and compliance to ensure that our AI implementations are reliable, secure, and capable of handling enterprise-level healthcare data.

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Custom Mobile App for Dog Owners

Mobile App

Modern technology can help owners care for their dogs and keep them safe. GPS tracks and saves dogs’ history for their whole life, easily transfers it to new owners and ensures the security and detectability of the animal.

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Golf Training App Powered by IoT

Software Development

A golf training app that helps players improve their unique golf style. An opportunity for a deep configuration of the swing goal, great visual support, advanced algorithms, and effective feedback makes this project a revolution for golf!

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Point of Sales SaaS Solution


ZempCenter is a multifunctional Point of Sales mobile app that helps retail companies to manage orders, check inventory and stock count, generate employee reports, perform convenient transactions, and see sales reports.

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All-in-one Solution App for Local Businesses

Social Network

A native iOS and Android app that connects neighbours and helps local businesses to grow within local communities. Bestyn includes posts sharing, private chats, stories and built-in editor for their creation, and tools for promoting local businesses.

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Mobile Payment and Virtual Terminal App

Mobile App

The SkipCash mobile payment app is operated in Qatar, where common PoS terminals are not widespread. SkipCash tries to solve this problem with a mobile payment app that replaces the payment terminal on the seller's side and replaces the payment card on the client's side.


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Slovak National Theater Web Development


We took over the maintenance, continuous improvement, and further development of the website for the most famous and largest Slovak cultural institution – Slovak National Theater.

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