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Property Management Ticketing Systems Connecting Tenants and Landlords

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Maintenance requests occupy the top positions in the ranking of most common tenant complaints. No matter how much time and effort you dedicate to management and customer service, issues will always pop up here and there. The huge number of maintenance tickets overwhelms support agents, increases the amount of time customers have to wait, irritates and frustrates them, and as a result, you end up losing money. Keeping implementation of ticket management systems and structuring of all the requests efficiently can help businesses avoid customer irritation and automatize the process in general. 

In this article, we are going to tackle the main issues connected to ticket execution control and tenant-landlord relationships through ticketing management systems and uncover useful advice on how to develop and implement such systems into your property business processes.

What are ticketing management systems?

Ticketing management systems present a kind of help-desk software allowing to accept, sort, process, track and solve tenant issues as soon as it is possible after the requests are submitted by the tenants for review. This system allows to automatically categorize and prioritize the requests as they are created. There is also an opportunity to track the request status and assess the service efficiency. Moreover, ticketing management systems can also serve an analytical function as well, enabling one to measure team performance metrics such as resolution time, response time, and first-reply time. You can also track the frequency of the issues arising and uncover the most commonly arising issues. Ticket execution control is also among the key functions.

Benefits of property management ticketing systems

However, ticket management software can do much more for your real estate business than simply measuring the main business metrics and organizing the tenant requests. Here are the innovative benefits that ticket management systems implementation can bring to your business: 

  • Collect and analyze the customer’s data to make the property management process more efficient, taking into account the major preferences and special needs
  • Provide personalized service and manage the backlogs. Win more time through automatizing the ticket execution control and support management for making your service more personalized. IT also allows cutting the first-response time and request resolution time.
  • Simplify your business workflow. Automatize the ticket management flow using an advanced management system. Forget about manual handling of all requests and misplacing or missing requests.
  • Increases visibility providing a single base of issues with reports and gradation

How does ticketing management software work?

A ticket management systems allow creating a unique ticket for each tenant having a specific request. It records interactions related to this specific request. All the details are shared among the parties able to fix the issue and a tenant, serving as a reference point for all parties involved.

As soon as the ticket is submitted, it can be sorted out depending on the nature of the issues and its emergency status. You can prioritize it, escalate or pass it to another department. After the issue is resolved, it is closed out.

More about ticket escalation

Tenant ticket escalation is moving the real estate request ticket to the next level agent, providing a higher, more sophisticated level of support. The tenant request is escalated in case the issue cannot be solved by the ground-level responsible person. It guarantees quicker and more efficient resolution.

The tenant ticket management systems can send notifications, you can also close the issue after it is resolved. The issues can also be re-opened in case someone may have additional follow-up questions. Tenants can submit requests via email or mobile.

On the modern tech market there is an AI-enhanced ticket management platform that manages tenant requests and people don’t even realize that they are talking to a machine.

The Jack automation technologies team has launched the revolutionary platform that changed the way landlords manage various tenant-related issues. Tenants could simply use the portal, without even having to download the app. It even interacts with Alexa. For every single request that comes in, it pulls the data and establishes connection with the user. However, this platform is based on the principle of the request management system. It is a great example of how far technology can go, and the sky’s the limit.

Props Tech –  a handy property management instrument by Altamira

Altamira have created a unique property management solution that also serves as a way to manage tenants and owners cooperation. The customer turned to us to solve the problem of inefficient property management. Since tenants have to call the owner every time they face the problems connected  to property.

Manual tracking of the problem solving progress is time-consuming and inconvenient. Non-digitized management demands many efforts and managers even tend to loose the issues in the variety of requests. What is more, repetitive or unnecessary requests may also arise, and management of these issues adds additional tasks for landlords and property managers. All these inconveniences additional expenses, raised the price of managers work as well as lowered customers satisfaction.

Managers or landlord received an instrument to monitor their properties from the well-designed admin pannel as well as efficiently manage tenants’ requests. The tool enables landlords to optimize the business process within the flow of managing the complaints, issues, payments, communication.

Properties and benefits of ticket execution control software

Centralized database
A single platform enables a landlord or manager to gather and track the status of all requests. You can easily find and access the needed information to resolve issues as well as instantly connect to any of the request-related participants.
Workflow automation
With the help of AI and ML technologies you can automate the flow of requests and improve ticket execution control. Simply move the tenant request to the necessary person and change the status of request.
Operate remotely efficiently
Again, thanks to automation, the time and efforts spent on solving the issue. Thus, the team operates more efficiently. Easily access reports and keep all the issues on a schedule.
Timely and amazing service
ticket management systems increase the customer satisfaction providing quick and efficient issue resolution.

Ticket management system is a kind of platform or working environment  for team members that also allows tenants to interact. You get a database allowing you to unify everything in a single place, generate reports and cope with system overloads.

Main challenges that can arise:

  • Ticketing system overload;
  • Appropriate distribution of tasks between the team members; 
  • Adequate prioritization of tasks.

Must-have features to include in the ticket management systems?

Young businesses, at the beginning of their path often feel as though they can handle all tenant requests that may come their way. However, together with the scaling up comes another difficulty – to cope with the huge wave of tenant requests and issues arising as well as ticket execution control challenges. Advanced  ticket management systems will allow you to  stay on top of all requests, solving all the issues as fast as possible. Here is a list of must-have features that should be available in an efficient ticket management system.

Diverse contact channels.

Offer diverse contact channels allowing to track and manage requests. It can be a live chat, phones and emails.

Customized software.

The system should be fully integrated with your brand.

Workflow automation.

Reduce the people’s interference with automation, i.e. stem their involvement in completing repetitive tasks.

Ticket categories and tags.

It will allow users to rapidly understand the status of the issue, type of requests, agent responsible for solving the issue, etc.

Reporting system.

It will allow users to easily uncover the pain points and improve them.

Unique customer experience.

User-friendly interface, easy to navigate dashboard, interactive app design for more engagement and convenient usage.

Alerts and notifications.

Easily notify about the status of the requests or any changes introduced to the issue. Keep the agents involved informed.

Problem tracking.

The ability to label each request in accordance with the severity of the particular issue to automatically prioritize the particular case among other cases.

Communication channels.

Integrate the option to communicate to speed up the resolution process, easily reaching the needed agents.

Auto-assign the request.

Send a ticket to the right person by automatically setting the workflow based on the category and place of living.

Task scheduling.

Create tasks to complete the request on time.

Granting access.

Allow the tenant to specify time and date of desired entry into their apartment.

Best practices to use ticket management systems efficiently

The best practices presented by the GBKSOFT team.

  • User friendly UX/UI designs. The system should be easy to navigate and allow quick access to create the request and track the progress.
  • Prioritizing system. Make sure to establish the scheduling and prioritizing option, so that the emergency issues can be solved immediately, while the less severe issues are solved within the shortest time possible.
  • Spot and document similar issues. Make sure to document all the improvement and fixing details, and it is possible to access these details quickly.
  • Track the metrics and KPIs. Metrics like Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR), tickets per asset and cost per ticket enable measuring the real service cost. Thus implement regular report generation.
  • Create a single knowledge base. It will enable the tenants to access the already available cases and probably find the resolutions to their requests, thus saving time and costs for the landlords.
  • Track the customer’s feedback. Focus on the customer and the quality of service and experience you offer.

How to implement a ticket management system is simple steps

Years ago, all these stages were done manually, lots of reports were lost, customer service was low-quality and customer satisfaction rates were virtually zero. Thanks to digitalization and recent technological advances, today property managers provide their customers with quick and effective responses. Moreover, the system is adjusted based on the nature and severity of the problem at hand. 

When launching the development of ticket management systems it is important to consider the tenant needs and align them with your business workflow. Follow these tips to easily implement a ticket management system into your business operations:

  1. Define the exact business goals. Try to single out the special business objectives, why you need to implement the ticket management system. For instance, to increase a separate metric or shorten the time for resolving the issues, etc.
  2. Dive into the tenant’s pain points and expectations. It will allow you to offer an efficient solution and remove the customer’s concerns.
  3. Settle on the rules to automate the workflow. Tune the automated ticket assignment, establish the timeframes for various types of tasks and define the limits and further actions in case the limits will be overreached.
  4. Clarify the SLA (Service Level Agreements) rules, which will guarantee that agents will adhere to all requirements while managing the issues.
  5. Create a shared knowledge-base with a tenant in mind. It will decrease the number of similar requests and allow tenants to find the solutions to their problems on their own.
  6. Track and improve the key metrics. Schedule the automated reports.

However, to create a ticket management system that fully meets your business objectives, you need to find and hire a team of software developers. These advanced professionals will conduct market research, analyze your business workflow, detect the main sticking points and offer individualized solutions. Custom software development is the best option in case you expect to get quick and efficient results and considerably improve ticket management.

Create your custom ticketing management system with Altamira

Altamira are software development companies with location spots in Europe and the UK. They are successfully building efficient software solutions, including for the real estate industry. We provide custom software development offering smoothly operating software that will automate your business workflow and increase customer satisfaction. We have extensive practical experience working on the development of property management software. High customer retention rates, as well as high customer satisfaction rates, are the best proof of our expertise and dedicated attitude.

Services we offer

Our team of wonderful experts will build a custom tenant request management system oriented around your individual business objectives and take into account your specific demands. Among the services we offer are:

  • Discovery stage to define and support your individual business needs;
  • MVP development to quickly launch the system, test and gather the user’s feedback;
  • Creation of unique design offering interactive user experience;
  • Agile development practices implementation;
  • Testing the software from the preliminary stages of development; 
  • Maintenance and support through all stages of the project from development planning and outset to deployment. 

Our clients choose us since we offer fast time to market and great expertise in delivering the software for businesses in the real estate sector. We are aware of the customers’ concerns and pain points. That’s why we offer to trace the progress of project development and have a fully transparent approach to development cooperation.

To develop a tenant ticketing system you will need a team of developers, business analysts, QA specialists, designers and project managers. The cost of development will comprise approximately 50K USD per month, in general taking a minimum of 4-6 months time.

To sum up

A ticketing system actually simplifies the interaction between the landlord and tenant. Multifunctional ticketing systems allow quick creation of requests, replacing emails and reports. It allows building an efficient chain of communication between tenants and landlords so that the issue is solved within the shortest time possible. Property management systems change the game. For property managers organizing and managing the requests, the main headaches are the requests that should come to the right place as well as their requirements for timely processing and completion.


It is a system that allows creating a unique ticket for each tenant having a specific request. It records interactions related to this specific request. All the details are shared among the parties able to fix the issue and a tenant, serving as a reference point for all parties involved.
Main challenges that can arise:
  • Ticketing system overload
  • Appropriate distribution of tasks between the team members
  • Adequate prioritization of tasks

To develop a tenant ticketing system you will need a team of developers, business analysts, QA specialists, designers and project managers. The cost of development will comprise approximately 50K USD per month, in general taking a minimum of 4-6 months time.

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