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Custom website development with a convenient order customization tool to optimize the order placement and order processing experience for the US-based printing company

About HDR Print

As the wholesale printing industry receives a high demand in the online presence pushed by the lockdown limitations, HDR Print has adapted to changing market conditions. It was decided to rebuild and redesign the existing company corporate website, build the custom order management system from scratch, and further integrate it with the existing systems. Moreover, the company customers have received an enhanced and powerful order placement experience leveraging the user-friendly builder that visualizes the final printed product.

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Key results

  • Customer can see the final view of the ordered product – decreased customer complaints
  • Customer got a transparent price building – decreased the number of contact requests with questions on the price building leading to increase in sales

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The Challenge

Business goals that were identified before the start of development:

  • To optimize the order placement experience for the customers by visualising their final product and providing the calculator widget for real-time order estimation.

  • To develop the Order Management System that combines and links other external tools the company uses in one omniportal.


The Solution

Considering the main objectives for the future solution, we built a plan with the following steps:

  1. Implement a builder that gives the ability to create printing orders indicating pictures, product sizes, quantities, materials, grommets, wind slits, welding, rope, pole pockets, contour cut, etc.
  2. Develop a user-friendly order management system to manage the orders and add new products.
  3. Develop a sales accounting system to help salespeople monitor their sales goals.
  4. Improve the UI\UX design and make it comprehensive.
  5. Provide better checkout and payment experience.


The order builder is one of the centrepieces of the system and provides the ability to see the visualised version of the product. As soon as customers add the product size from the predefined options or by entering the custom size, they can see it on canvas together with the uploaded picture for the front and back side. The material for production, contour cut, and poles that customers can add to is immediately reflected in a transparent invoice in the right panel, enabling price management.

Product customization

HDR Print has a constructor of products available in the secure admin panel. the main purpose of it is to set up the configuration of the product by indicating the attributes that each product allows to improve. If the product allows only standard size selection, then the admin would add the list of such in the admin panel, limiting users from setting up custom sizes. Every attribute and combination of attributes are available for the HDR Print admins configuration.

Customer engagement

Since the main client persona that the company works with is a reseller, the system automatically limits all other buyers from registering on the website. This allows employees to save time on the post-moderation of users.

Sales plan management

In order to provide the sales plan execution, HDR Print introduced a system to track the sales goals. Thus, managers could set up sales goals for each salesperson working for the company, as well as overall monthly and annual goals. The system tracks the percentage of goal completion as the orders are placed by the customers, highlighting the most effective members of the sales team.

Order management system

The order management system provides two access levels – managers, who have access to all system functions, and salespeople. Salespeople or managers can edit the order and add the required attributes like material, grommets, dry erase, welding, and wind slits. All the shipment information and orders’ total charges are synched with Shipstation and QuickBooks accordingly, providing data integrity and unification. Managers can also track customers’ and salespeople’s activities. Salespeople can log in to the system as their customers create orders on their behalf if needed.

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Content management system

Due to business specifics, the printing company sends out a lot of notifications and gives the announcements directly on the website to keep the customers informed. For this purpose, we have developed the Content Management System that provides an easy-to-use tool to edit the texts of all notifications that the system sends out, as well as to manage the content of all pages on the website, keeping it up-to-date and SEO-friendly.

Virtual wallet

Upon registration, all customers get the virtual balance credited in case the user’s order is canceled. As part of the client loyalty program, HDR Print also provides the feature to place orders with no prepayment only to the customers, which HDR Print managers define as “allowed for pay later.” All credit and debit transactions are naturally synched with QuickBooks for the proper accounting.


The Result


The design initially attracts users, a key part of website development. So, it is vital to combine innovation and simplicity in the website’s UI and UX.

HDR Print selected red as a part of the brand identity. So, it was challenging for us to harmonise red as it is always easy to overdo with bright colours. That’s why we decided to dilute the design with soft colours – white as a primary and black as complementary and balance them with a red one. We also added a grey colour for the background to divide different blocks.


Due to the technologies used, the HDR Print website turned out to be innovative and custom. It was built without using CMS, so the website performance doesn`t depend on the CMS system updates and limitations. Our development approach helped to improve the website’s speed and SEO performance. Builder developed with JavaScript allows creating new orders and sending them to managers for editing and execution. Due to the use of Stripe API, the online payment experience is simplified.


After speaking with many developers I was almost ready to give up as no one was able to help with the features that I wanted.

I then heard about Altamira and was highly recommended by a few other companies to use them.

Since we started I have never had such an easy time! Whether it was communication, tight deadlines, and robust features, Altamira was there and over delivered!

The website that Altamira has generated now allows the company to save time and manpower as it performs a lot of tasks that other employees are used to doing. The team members' seamless approach to project management and their communication skills continue to make this collaboration productive.

Sholom Erlanger, Project Manager

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