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Discover how a patient care app helps thousands of asthma patients take control of their disease

About Kantar Health

On 1 April 2021, Cerner completed the acquisition of Kantar’s Health Division and rebranded it to Cerner Enviza.

Kantar Health is part of Kantar, a multinational company under the WPP investment company that unites market research agencies worldwide. Kantar Health is a research agency focused on the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector in general. Besides providing market research services, Kantar Health also focuses on innovative solutions in the pharmaceutical industry, aiming to capture patient data through non-conventional methods. Altamira has covered the development of a mobile app for asthma patients.

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Key results

  •  New revenue stream 
  • Replicable app for other diagnoses

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The Challenge

The mobile app aims to present ways to help patients with chronic diseases and, at the same time, monetise the app by selling data collected directly from patients, which is of significant value to pharmaceutical companies.

Kantar Health sought a reliable technical partner with deep expertise in healthcare compliance development. The main goal was to help asthma patients control their disease, educate them about asthma inhalers, remind them about the treatment, and, most importantly, monitor their health status through a medical CAT questionnaire.

The e-learning aims, among other things, to explain to the patient how to use the inhaler correctly and minimise side effects, leading to reduced adherence to treatment.

Kantar Health partnered with Altamira to solve the main challenges of their projects:

  • Asthmatic patients and patients with other chronic diseases often have problems with “adherence” to treatment.
  • Adherence means the willingness and discipline to continue treatment even during a symptom-free period when the patient feels well.
  • In the long term, treatment failures can worsen the patient’s health and lead to the need to take so-called rescue treatment, which only suppresses acute symptoms when they occur but does not address the cause.


The Solution

The mobile app guides the patient through using a specific type of asthma inhaler in the first step via interactive e-learning. It then verifies the patient’s knowledge with a quiz – questions the patient has to answer. If the patient answers incorrectly, the app will make them think again and answer correctly.

After the initial educational part, the patient uses the app to monitor their health. The mobile app notifies the patient daily and asks them to rate their condition on a scale of 1 – 5. If the patient feels worse, the app asks them to complete a medical CAT questionnaire. It is a set of a few simple questions, the evaluation of which gives the patient a so-called CAT score.

"Altamira demonstrated a mature and thorough project management approach, successfully introducing an improved platform. The team displays knowledge of relevant technologies and can handle multiple tasks simultaneously."

Eric Yonter, Sales Director

The score is stored in the background and generates a trajectory of the patient’s health status, a very important indicator for the patient’s treating physician, who can access the data from the app via a linked web application.

Besides the features above, the mobile app allows users to set treatment reminders, communicate with Apple Health, and connect to smart devices via Bluetooth.

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The Result

The mobile app aims to present ways to help patients with chronic diseases and, at the same time, monetise the app by selling data collected directly from patients, which is of significant value to pharmaceutical companies.

Applications also have far greater potential. They can be connected directly to doctors’ offices and communicate with them securely and in real-time the health status of patients. This can be lifesaving or life-improving with some diagnoses. In one of the other projects, we produced in this sphere, we connected a web application to pneumologists’ outpatient clinics.

This message informed them of the declining health of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Quick doctor response can be lifesaving, ensuring a more accessible disease course by detecting exacerbations early and adjusting treatment accordingly.

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