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Team augmentation services and tech consultancy for a top open commerce platform RedCloud

How internationally renowned open commerce platform RedCloud strengthened its technical capacity with Altamira’s outstaffed niche expertise and tech consultancy.

Our Expertise

Tech consultancy









Key results

  • Built out 2 development teams – Magento and .Net
  • Contributed to the establishment of the Data Department from scratch
  • Created the Project success matrix and strictly complied with it
  • Ongoingly gather and track statistics on team performance
  • Introduced Solution group to identify system bottlenecks and suggest roadmap for improvements

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What does it take to redefine success in a B2B commerce industry? Altamira exemplifies that it goes beyond limited technical service, focusing instead on forging a mutually beneficial partnership that drives strategic business growth, setting new benchmarks for tech excellence.

Grow global online commerce for the world’s small businesses by removing the barriers to online trading for hundreds of millions of independent retailers and their suppliers across the world’s supply chains.” This is the unwavering mission of RedCloud, a leading B2B open commerce platform that is dedicated to improving food ecosystems in arid climates.

RedCloud connects brands, distributors, and retailers to simplify the process of ordering goods and products. The target markets are mainly countries of Africa and Latin America, with expansion plans for the USA in 2024, where traditional offline processes prevail but are economically inefficient.

Initially, our Client sought a technology partner with the capacity to deliver substantial technical value and influence tech-related decision-making. Our collaboration was intended to improve system quality, decrease legacy code’s impact, and implement technological advancement initiatives. Furthermore, RedCloud sought Altamira’s expertise in augmenting its resource pool through strategic recruitment to bolster its capacity for ongoing and future projects.


Niche talent sourcing

Our tailored approach to team formation was key to this partnership’s success. Understanding the importance of smooth integration into RedCloud’s ecosystem, Altamira carefully initiated the team assembling process by:

  • Identifying the required qualifications and creating candidate portraits, focusing on both technical and interpersonal skills.
  • Designing a recruitment strategy that prioritizes the candidates’ value recommended for final interviews with RedCloud.
  • Devising an onboarding plan that starts by recruiting key Team Leads and Seniors and strategically building teams around them, fostering smooth communication and collaboration.
  • Conducting initial onboarding phase for new hires under Altamira oversight to set clear expectations and direction before transitioning to RedCloud.


This process wasn’t just about stacking technical skills but about creating a dynamic where soft skills and team chemistry played a decisive role. As a result, Altamira built Magento and .Net engineering teams from the ground up, covering the Middle and Senior-level developers, Team Leads, MQA, and AQA, securing strong project dedication and performance metrics compliance.


Team performance

At this stage, Altamira established a multi-directional performance review system to ensure better adaptation and match the expectations of each expert to the team and project needs.

It involved regular surveys to gauge team member integration and performance, pinpoint areas for improvement, and ensure alignment with project objectives. Moreover, Altamira proactively addressed potential engagement issues through consistent one-on-one interactions and health checks, thus maintaining motivation and minimizing turnover.

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Technical excellence

The process of improving a complex system requires deep subject matter expertise, a strategic mindset, and a collaborative effort to make the best use of all involved parties. Altamira curated a team of highly skilled professionals who, from the onset, were ready to go the extra mile to achieve the set project goals.

At the same time, our experts work closely with RedCloud’s in-house squads, functioning as an augmented team. Working together with RedCloud, our specialists proactively identify and consistently implement system improvements, making a significant difference in project deliverables.

In addition, we ongoingly engage our Solution Group to provide recommendations in the QA automation area and code quality of the Client’s mobile applications, help with ideas validation, as well as provide architectural consultations on the Client’s initiatives. Such engagement represents an added value for the Client, offering a wide range of expertise beyond traditional consulting services. Also, our team encourages the knowledge transfer mode safeguarding healthy business growth.

A fundamental aspect of our technical strategy was the development of the project success matrix. This is a tailor-made strategic framework that covers the interaction with each and every project stakeholder, outlining the project specifics, objectives, stakeholder needs, and planned initiatives, ensuring a synchronized and timely effort toward achieving project goals and maintaining transparency with the Client.

Our project success matrix envisioned and enacted relevant response practices, including, but not limited to:

  • Team availability
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Team health checks
  • Project update timeline
  • Risk management
  • Feedback gathering


Our forward-thinking approach was further demonstrated by the Client’s initiative to set up a data department, a move that anticipated RedCloud’s future needs and underscored its commitment to strategic growth. Altamira contributed to this initiative by assisting in best-fit data specialists’ acquisition.

The collaboration between Altamira and RedCloud not only addressed immediate challenges but also laid the groundwork for ongoing growth, outlining the power of a partnership built on shared goals, expert consultancy, and a steadfast commitment to quality. Our collaborative efforts led to refactoring the old systems and made significant progress on improving the performance of the Magento-based store, which both our teams are proud of.

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