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Who doesn’t love dogs?

They are fun, friendly creatures that make our lives better. However, owning a pet is a responsible task.

About Global Pet Security

Modern technologies can help owners take care of their dogs and keep them safe, and that’s how Global Pet Security was born. Our clients, the creators of Global Pet Security, are based in Ohio, US. The team has great connections with the local dog breeding community, and hence, is highly aware of difficulties dog breeders, and later pet owners, encounter while taking care of the animals.

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Key results

  • Digital pet profile
  • Multiplatform, flexible payment system

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The Challenge

The main issues include:

  • Keeping track of pets’ vaccination and health history
  • Storing pet’s information in one system from the very moment it was born
  • Locating the pet in case it has run away or got lost.

So, the idea behind a project is to create a system where it is possible to track and save dogs’ history for their whole life, easily transfer it to the new owners and ensure security and detectability of the animal.


The Solution

To cover the aforementioned purposes of the system, the team chose a graceful solution in the form of a simple QR-code. The concept of Global Pet Security implies that every pet has a QR-code printed on a tag that can be attached to the pet’s collar. The QR-code leads to the pets’ public page, where people can see the basic data on the dogs: its name, photo, age, and in case the dog has run away, where it was declared missing and the contact info of the owner (if it’s allowed to share it). Either way, the person who encountered the dog will be able to reach out to the owner by pressing the button and not seeing the owner’s personal info.

The system consists of three parts.

Admin panel

For the Global Pet Security team who manages the users’ subscriptions, rebates, QR-tags orders, etc.

Web portal

For responsible people who breed and take care of the puppies by the moment they find home.

Mobile application

For dog owners to continue their dog’s record, to declare the dog missing, and monitor its movements.


The project has been pretty demanding, as we had to develop three systems and ensure connectivity between them. During the development process, we have encountered certain challenges that required some creativity and persistence. Thanks to these qualities, our team was able to overcome the arisen difficulties.


The majority of users don’t have a lot of digital experience, so the system should have had a simple, but clear design to stay relevant for the audience. Taking into consideration three different target audiences of the project, we designed every interface separately but saved a united and consistent style.


From the beginning, the client has a vision on how to find a lost pet quickly and easily, however, they haven’t had an understanding of how to make it work. Together with the creators of Global Pet Security, we thought through the lifecycle of QR-code, its creation, transfer, and usability to the end-point user (dog owner).


We were fighting for user-friendliness and loyal conditions, hence, one of the solutions here was a partial payment feature. Instead of covering the whole price for the pets’ account, the dog owner can pay in installments. We also created payment notifications, so the payment process will be transparent and won’t catch users by surprise.

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Use Cases


We used traditional approaches to the UI/UX design.

  • Color: the color selection can immediately impact the user journey and its perception of the application. We used a color scheme with different shades of green, as it is associated with life, health and calmness.

  • Contrast: it is important to guide the user in the right direction. We paid a lot of attention to fonts, lines, forms, and colors to create contrast.

  • Predictability: a lot of companies try to create an innovative design when it can only harm the user perception, as they are expecting to interact with established patterns. Hence, for Global Pet Security, we created an intuitive and familiar interface that doesn’t make users think through their actions within the application.



The Result


Here are the most interesting features of the system we worked hard on to make them efficient and functional.

Multiplatform (Web, Android, iOS)

The system is distributed between web and mobile versions. The reason for that is a difference in needs between various audiences, and to cater to them adequately and simplify the interaction with the system, we implemented different functionality into web versions and mobile ones.

Declaring pet missing

It’s one of the main features of the system. If the dog is unfortunately lost, the owner can declare it missing by filling a form with data on when and where the dog has run away. Then, the other dog owner using Global Pet Security will receive a notification that your pet is missing and will be able to notify in case they encounter it.

QR-code generation & scanning

There are a few ways how you can find your pet with the help of QR-tags. Firstly, the person who scans the tag, may get your contact information (if you have allowed it in your profile) and call you. Secondly, every time the tag is scanned by someone you will get geolocation that leads you directly to your pet.

Digital pet profile

Digital per profile enables essential pet data storage and transfer. This information will be easily passed between the users of the system. All the data collected from the pet’s birth and to this day is available only in a few clicks.

Pet documents sharing

The owner can add the pet’s documents to its profile and enable access to them through QR-tag scanning. The access can be switched on and off through the application. This feature will simplify document sharing between pet owners and vets or groomers who tend to an aforementioned pet.

Flexible payment system

We designed various approaches for the payments for the application accounts. The user may pay fully once, or divide the payment for several consecutive payments. The history of every payment done is tracked and accessible within the application.

The app works well, and they’ve met our expectations.

Phillip Coletti, Co-founder

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