POS Software Development

Take your POS software to a new level and power up your project with Altamira

We specialize in scaling up your development and quickly growing the capacities and functionality of your point-of-sale software.

POS solution development

Benefits of POS development with Altamira

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Scaling capacities

We have a clear and usable framework for quick team expansion, development scaling, and project velocity increase

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Generated expertise

Our company has an extensive knowledge base in POS development, namely comprehension of market demand, NFRs, required compliance, etc

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Efficient POS architecture

We create solution architecture that will be easy to scale, maintain and transform in the future

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Transparent budgeting

We always provide clear estimates for any part of development, as well as suggest the most suitable cooperation models for the clients

Benefits of MVP development with Altamira

SaaS software POS development

Hire our development team to support and speed up the development and growth of your SaaS POS software for a long-term period.


Mobile POS development

We can expand your product line by contributing our expertise to the development of the mobile version of your POS system.

POS development scaling

Release new features, updates quicker and steadily increase your development capacity by involving our specialists for your POS software.

POS software upgrade

Leverage our experience in point-of-sale systems development to renovate or redevelop any part of your current point-of-sale (POS) software.

POS Architecture Reassessment

Our architects can review the architecture of the project and submit necessary improvements to ensure scalability and compatibility with NFRs.

POS UX Improvement

Use the expertise of our product designers, front-end developers and business analysts to reinvent UI/UX and improve the usability of your POS software product.

Start your custom POS development with a reliable partner

Usually we develop POS solutions for suchiidustries



POS software development that helps both brick-and-mortar shops and online stores process offline and online payments, manage inventory, monitor stock levels, and run the store altogether.

Restaurants & cafes


Custom POS systems for hospitality services are designed to manage clients’ orders and their preparation, kitchen capacities, and supply of products and offer different payment options.

Ghost Kitchens


We build POS systems that become a centerpiece of cloud/ghost kitchens. Ghost kitchen POS software streamlines the processing of orders made from different brands and channels and unit all cloud kitchen operations.

Works we are proud of

ZempCenter: a Point-of-Sales SaaS soltuion

A mobile app that helps customers make the sales process extremely comfortable and easy.

Aquiline drones: UBER for drones

Android and iOS native applications that allow you to order the delivery with the help of drones and track it.

LEO: enterprise management system

Web Application with responsive design that manages the full flow of the stones' production for the construction company.

Altamira as your POS development partner

Wide pool of engineering talent

Our team consists of experienced software developers, architects, and QA engineers who constantly expand their knowledge and combine advanced technical skills with creative thinking to build high-quality and useful solutions.

Long-term partnership

We prefer to work with long-term projects that are constantly growing and looking for new opportunities. Our business model allows us to make a long-term commitment and cater to development needs that grow over time.

Flexible cooperation conditions

We can offer different cooperation models, as well as handpick specialists and assemble a unique development team. The level of their engagement will be planned especially for your project and can be adjusted according to the project progress.

Seamless flow of communication

We ensure transparent and clear communication with your decision-makers, management, and technical staff. Our account managers, delivery department, and development specialists will provide you with updates, and arrange calls and discussions, so your team will be fully integrated into the process and possess all data about the project.

High level of ownership

Our goal is not to just write code, but to deliver a self-sufficient solution we can be proud of. We are ready to take full responsibility for the development process, our decisions, and our actions. Hence, we make maximum efforts to fulfill your requirements and provide high-quality development.

POS integrations

Clients say about us


Environmental Services Company

"They give feedback on what we’ve specified, which is much more than having someone that just executes. They’re trying to implement something that makes sense."
"This was a tricky project with complicated requirements. Also, the timeline couldn’t be moved because of state law. Altamira Softworks was up to the challenge of taking on a big project and meeting customer demands."

Design company

"They found a way to work through every complex animation and motion assignment we threw their way. Their team truly thinks critically about their work, rather than just following requirements."