New Trends in Mobile Development

How to Hire Native Mobile App Developers?

If I ask you what you always take with you and use the most of the time during your day, the answer would be – mobile phone. No wonder we are so attached to our phones, because nowadays we have applications for everything – ordering food, online shopping, learning new skills, booking tickets and apartments, […]

Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends in Automotive Industry for 2021-2022


Technologies are changing every modern business sector and the automotive industry is not an exception. Everything — from the buying process to the driving experience — is currently going through the digital transformation. And that’s means that not only car manufacturers have to keep up with the current tech trends. Basically, any company that is […]

How to Use AR in Construction and Architecture: In-Depth Guide

As you start to look at Virtual and Augmented Reality and its applications in construction you may find that jumping first feets may be pretty expensive and tough. That’s why the first thing to do is architecting the vision of it. How would you like to use it in particular?

How to Make UI/UX for AR Navigation App

Immersive technologies

Augmented Reality driving may soon be a reality. AR technology will allow drivers see the route to the destination as they directly on the road. It can also pinpoint buildings and other landmarks. At least this is what AR navigation promises to be.

How to Use AR Training Apps in Industrial, Health & Learning Domains


Let’s say you hire a new specialist or a group of specialists. Definitely, you’ll need to conduct orientation or a sort of walk through the construction site. Who’ll hold a tour for your newbies? Usually, managers are forced to pluck from the production one of their best man in order to lead orientation and answer […]

Facial Recognition and Augmented Reality in Plastic Surgery Apps

Probably everyone has seen the Before and After surgery pics. But what if patients could see the new version of themselves as clear as when looking in the mirror even before going to the doctor? Well, now they can, as new technologies like face recognition, 3d printing and augmented reality are expanding into healthcare.