A SaaS Pricing Guide: SaaS Pricing Models, Strategies, & Examples

Creating a successful pricing strategy for your SaaS business is essential for ensuring long-term success. Our Guide provides an in-depth look at the various pricing methods and strategies that can be used to maximize profits. We cover pricing models, pricing tiers, and how to determine the right price for your SaaS product.  Contents SaaS business […]

Altamira 2023: The Future of Digital Products Development and 2022 Retrospective

In the shadow of the War in Ukraine, the geopolitical and economic situation across the globe affects industries all over the world. Software development companies are facing numerous challenges as well trying to find efficient pathways to navigate the present and prepare for the upcoming year.Stability, adaptability, and flexibility are going to be our top […]

Your Guide to Health Insurance Company Digitalization

During the last few years, the health insurance sector has experienced a significant boost in growth and is expected to expand even more. Dozens of factors contribute to this tendency, namely the spread of chronic diseases, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the exponential cost increase of medical services.   However, health insurance providers, as […]

Top Strategies and Tips Helping to Speed Up Software Development 

Technologies have become an inseparable part of our lives and even businesses. They are able to increase business value, transform and automate key processes, grant competitive advantage and even provide new growth opportunities.  The investments in digital transformation and technologies keep growing and surprising us with the tremendous numbers. Just take a look at the […]

How Much Does Web Portal Development Cost?

Web solutions have become very common among various businesses. One can hardly find a company that won’t benefit from having a web portal. This type of software allows organizations to automate numerous processes and significantly increase employee, customer, and partner engagement with the business. But how much money does a company need to develop a […]