Trend News: eHealth

In the last year, marked by the rapid spread of COVID-19, it has become clear that healthcare management needs to undergo some technological development. As the number of people in need of medical treatment increased rapidly, medical facilities began to intensively implement new software platforms and expand the functionality of existing solutions. Despite the workload, […]

Trends in the Use of Telehealth During the Emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Telemedicine implies electronic process integration into each step of regular patient care, usually scheduling appointments, hosting the visits virtually, analyzing vital signs readings, adjusting medication intakes, issuing e-prescriptions, billing documents, and others.  Medical systems that support telehealth are highly secure and scalable software solutions that enhance the patient experience by making it smoother, more convenient, […]

IoT and its Role in the Healthcare Industry

In the past, communications between doctors and patients were limited to in-person visits with no possibility to connect via video chat, messengers, and so on. Once upon a time, constant health monitoring was riddled with complications, often to the point of being impossible. Medical IoT enables constant interaction between physicians and patients for the purpose […]