Zoom presents a marketplace of virtual events

Since switching to working from home and stay in shelter mode, when almost all life has gone online, many are already tired of using Zoom. To regain its consumers’ engagement, the company decided to supplement its platform with new features, namely, conducting online events and a trading platform. The beta version of OnZoom became available […]

How to Celebrate Virtual Thanksgiving

In a couple of days, everyone’s favorite time of holidays, sales in stores, and so on will begin, but this year everything will not be as usual. In particular, around the world and in the United States, the second wave of the pandemic is rising, and health experts strongly recommend refraining from large gatherings, including […]

How to develop a Zoom like video chatting app?

This year so many changes happened  in the world. And now we all are getting used to the new reality and habits. Remote work, homeschooling and online business meetings instead of real ones became a common thing. Now we can imagine our working or studying day without a notebook and a pen, but without gadgets […]