Node.js Enterprise: The Ultimate Guide for Enterprise-Level Companies

In the world of enterprises, strong and quick software became a must-have, whether you’re looking for services to use inside the company or you’re offering a product to your audience. Usually, enterprise applications and websites need to handle a lot of users with minimum delay in response and show high performance. Another parameter is time […]

What is a Business Solution?

Nowadays, every business seeks its own ways and approaches to deliver the most value and operate on its maximal capacities. Companies have their specific needs, and catering to them might be a challenge. However, choosing and creating the right solutions will be a key to optimizing business processes and enhancing the efficiency of the whole […]

How to Find a Balance between Product Management/Engineering teams?

In software development, the relations between product management and engineering are the factors that directly influence the project’s success. Productive and efficient partnerships are built as a result of hard work, joint accountability, and also separate lines of ownership. There are no engineering teams, which would work smoothly with no interferences. As is often the […]

How to Scale Tech Teams: A Short Guide for CTOs

The software development process is never-ending, as software products need regular revision and improvement to benefit your business and boost company scales. Software product scaling is inevitable to boost the growth and development of your business. However, it is critical to pick the right time to start scaling your product and technical team, so as […]

Full Expert Guide on Customer Portal Development and Design

Clients are the priority and biggest value for every business starting with Apple and Nike, and ending with Lidl and Walmart. After all, only loyal clients can help you boost your sales and promote your brand by buying your goods or services.  Probably I would not surprise you if I say that all customers appreciate […]

9 Profitable Business Niches to Invest During the Crisis

Have you thought that there would be a time when the coronavirus is in the rearview mirror? For some people, life will never be the same. For most people, there will some small changes in their lives. Whether it is a job loss, concern about the cleanness of public places, or how to be ready […]