Real Estate Digital Transformation in 2022: New Trends You Should Adopt

While smart solutions became increasingly popular among other industries, the real estate industry stayed quite conservative and remained a late adopter of  digital technologies. However, during the past few years this tendency changed and digital transformation gained its momentum.  Now it is hard to imagine a successful real estate company without innovative property management systems, […]

What Kind of ERP Is the Best Fit for the Real Estate Business?

Enterprise Resource Planning software is known among the business community as a powerful tool for business to induce their productivity and transform their processes. The ERP market has been growing, and now it offers a wide range of different ERP systems, including industry-specific ones. As for the real estate industry, ERP software may become a […]

Common Problems with Tenants – Tech Solutions to Fix Them

Property management solutions (PMS) are tailored for running different properties by collecting their real-time information within a single system. However, custom property management software is also tasked to minimize the risks of unreliable tenants and enhance the relationships between tenants and landlords, helping them fix all the concerns and potential issues with property management companies […]

Property Management Ticketing Systems Connecting Tenants and Landlords

Maintenance requests occupy the top positions in the ranking of most common tenant complaints. No matter how much time and effort you dedicate to management and customer service, issues will always pop up here and there. The huge number of maintenance tickets overwhelms support agents, increases the amount of time customers have to wait, irritates […]