How to use data from your app?

Top 6 Applications of Data Science in Finance

In the age of technological evolution, every company, for which the product or focus allows it only a little, pays great attention to the possibilities of using data from apps. This data provides an overview of the decisions, purchases and overall behaviour of their users, and is essential for marketing and business purposes. Thanks to […]

Retail Data Visualization: 5 Dashboards Every Company Should Have

A lot has been said about the value of data for commercial business, as more and more companies decided to start leveraging data to grow and re-invent their approaches to different aspects of their operations. The retail industry isn’t an exception: with the help of e-commerce, chatbots, and other technologies, retailers have access to vast […]

5 Key Elements of Efficient Healthcare Data Strategy

Data is a strategic asset, especially for healthcare organizations that generate enormous amounts of data and rely on it to make clinical and operational decisions. However, the lack of a strategic approach limits the data potential. At the same time, the value a healthcare institution can extract from it is massive and can contribute a […]

How Data Can Boost Customer Service in Cloud Kitchens

Online services have drastically transformed consumers’ habits. Online shopping, education, telemedicine — we can get almost everything we want or need just by clicking a few buttons without leaving the house. Food delivery is one of the most in-demand spheres: the market is predicted to grow and reach a whopping $ 320 billion by 2029. […]

8 Essentials Data Management Strategies for your Businesses

The true potential of data can reinvent the business processes within organizations and create an extra competitive edge. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of small- and middle-sized businesses lack an understanding of the importance of data, and those who comprehend, struggle to implement efficient practices to access data value. Intentionally or not, every modern business generates […]

Efficient Data Management for Middle Business

Today businesses generate more data than ever before, and the value of such customer business-generated data has also considerably increased. This customer and business operations-generated data create many challenges for businesses of all sizes, and the middle business is not an exception. Implementation of strategic data management can become a considerable competitive advantage. However, having […]