8 Essentials Data Management Strategies for your Businesses

The true potential of data can reinvent the business processes within organizations and create an extra competitive edge. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of small- and middle-sized businesses lack an understanding of the importance of data, and those who comprehend, struggle to implement efficient practices to access data value. Intentionally or not, every modern business generates […]

Efficient Data Management for Middle Business

Today businesses generate more data than ever before, and the value of such customer business-generated data has also considerably increased. This customer and business operations-generated data create many challenges for businesses of all sizes, and the middle business is not an exception. Implementation of strategic data management can become a considerable competitive advantage. However, having […]

Data Governance Service for Your Business

These days, businesses seize tons of new data coming from various sources. Some information brings the business asset, while some remain useless and just take the database’s place. Data governance aims to structure and manage data that comes from internal and external sources, define valuable and useful data, mitigate risks of its loss and convert […]

ETL vs ELT: All You Need to Know

Our world becomes more and more data-driven, as different industries and institutions embrace big data and leverage it to enhance their decision-making and performance. However, to get the most value from data, companies need to approach data management complexly, otherwise, any positive intention will drown among unstructured data scattered within dozens of storage.  In light […]

Everything You Wanted To Know About Data as a Service

Data is now widely seen as a necessary fuel for innovation and company growth in the short-term. As The Economist magazine famously suggested in one of its old issues: “data is the new oil”. Just like a car can’t move without gasoline, a modern-day company can’t go anywhere without data. The market for data is […]