Efficient Management of Software Development Team in a Remote Environment

Remote software engineers face numerous issues working on outsourcing software projects. According to the latest statistics, among the top challenges predominate the following – unrealistic deadlines, tense relations with in-house developers and other teams within their company, no clear vision of the solution, and poor team management.  The last challenge is a common reason for […]

How to Build an Effective Software Development Team: Overview of Crucial Steps and Main Roles 

Digital transformation gained its momentum in 2022. This year the increasing number of businesses started to invest in custom software development. No wonder, because reliable solutions help to automate a lot of processes, unload employees, improve client service and even increase overall company income.  But what’s even more important, custom software grants a huge competitive […]

How to Organize Work With a Dedicated Development Team?

Growing businesses are always looking for opportunities to effectively grow their companies by acquiring technologies and custom software solutions. There is a broad range of software development services that you can apply – an in-house team, outstaff developers who will augment your existing in-house team to fulfill the lacking resources, and a dedicated software development […]