Common UI Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: Guide by Altamira

In 2022 it is hard to imagine a company selling service or goods without a website and digital productivity tools. Businesses and company owners understand the power of digitalization and embrace it eagerly. However, not all of them do it right. We’ve noticed that many clients of development agencies are mainly focused on website or […]

What Dimensions & Resolution Should Use For iOS And Android App Design?

The Key Principles And Steps Of The Design Thinking Process

Does your application display accurately on any user’s device? Have you worked with optimized experience? When it comes to graphics, developers usually follow the rule of ‘one size fits most,’ which is not a correct solution. Undoubtedly, this is the simplest way, but it can crush the application visual appeal. To look perfect, your app […]

How Are Industries Using Python Development Services?

Python has become one of the most popular programming languages used in various industries. It allows us to easily overcome problems and challenges in different domains, ranging from AI and Machine Learning to web development, game development, healthcare, fintech, etc. Therefore it is very reasonable to make an overview and discover where and how exactly […]

Building JavaScript Microservices with Node.js: Best Practices

building microservices with node.js

The choice of architecture is one of the crucial steps for a software developer to start a new project. It influences the project flow and the way you will tackle changing application needs in the future, etc. Messy and bad project architecture often leads to messy code, difficult maintenance, and complex implementation of new features. […]

How to Build an Effective Software Development Team: Overview of Crucial Steps and Main Roles 

Digital transformation gained its momentum in 2022. This year the increasing number of businesses started to invest in custom software development. No wonder, because reliable solutions help to automate a lot of processes, unload employees, improve client service and even increase overall company income.  But what’s even more important, custom software grants a huge competitive […]