Create a Profitable Custom Investment Platform in 2022

The fintech industry is not one to stay still, each year we observe a new boom of fintech technologies, applications and companies. And since our team regularly develops financial software, we’ve decided to explore the market and discover what types of apps are on top right now. And guess what we found out? Well, that […]

Custom Financial Management Software Development

Keeping your business afloat may quickly turn into a challenging and tricky task without reliable financial management software. Since financial matters are an essential part of every business, even companies that are built on the most promising of business ideas will fail without a properly run finance and accounting system oversight. According to the Chamber […]

Criteria for Choosing a Reliable Tech Partner for Your Fintech Project

The fintech market is rapidly growing, continuing to adopt the latest technologies in fintech apps. The needs increase due to these innovations, and they expect more new solutions to cover all these requirements.  Fintech market overview The main goal of fintech solutions development is to renovate the traditional financial services and operations using contemporary technologies. […]

Property Management Accounting Software

Today all business owners think of automating and optimizing the work processes to increase general productivity. The crucial part of any company is finances, especially for real estate. The financial department needs particular attention and accuracy in every tiny detail.  Thanks to modern smart technologies and financial custom software development, it can be much easier […]