Your Guide to Health Insurance Company Digitalization

During the last few years, the health insurance sector has experienced a significant boost in growth and is expected to expand even more. Dozens of factors contribute to this tendency, namely the spread of chronic diseases, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the exponential cost increase of medical services.   However, health insurance providers, as […]

Key Bottlenecks of Insurance Claim Management Software

Claims management is a complex process that consists of several steps starting from scheduled appointments to complete reimbursement. This process entails the interweaving of different parties, each of which provides a certain scope of information related to each consumer who is expected to be paid according to the insurance plan. Commonly, each step within claims […]

How to Leverage Big Data in the Insurance Industry?

Big data has definitely become a buzzword during the last few years. And there is not just hype: the amount of data is growing exponentially month after month thanks to the spread of available mobile devices, cameras, microphones, Internet of Things devices, etc.  It might seem that big data could be an item for leading […]

Insurance Software Development: Technologies Revolutionizing the Business 

In the era of digitalization the insurance industry does not stay aside. On the contrary, it drives innovations, adopts new technologies fast, and invests in insurance software solutions to improve operational efficiency, make data-driven decisions, boost revenue and provide the best customer service.  Custom software for insurance organizations can provide numerous benefits and huge competitive […]