Your Guide to Health Insurance Company Digitalization

During the last few years, the health insurance sector has experienced a significant boost in growth and is expected to expand even more. Dozens of factors contribute to this tendency, namely the spread of chronic diseases, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the exponential cost increase of medical services.   However, health insurance providers, as […]

How to Leverage Big Data in the Insurance Industry?

Big data has definitely become a buzzword during the last few years. And there is not just hype: the amount of data is growing exponentially month after month thanks to the spread of available mobile devices, cameras, microphones, Internet of Things devices, etc.  It might seem that big data could be an item for leading […]

How to Find a Reliable Insurtech Development Vendor

Insurance companies are tasked with predicting all potential risks for their customers in order to provide them with the most suitable insurance services. However, risk prediction is literally impossible to qualitatively execute without the application of advanced capabilities of modern technologies and automation tools. That is one of the main causes why the digitization of […]