Supply Chain Crisis: Why International Shipping Is in Chaos Right Now

Supply chain crisis explained: The global supply chain suffers from port congestions, lack of containers, and skyrocketing demand. For consumers, it means empty shelves, product shortage, and higher prices. For manufacturers and retailers, it is about delivery delays, inflated transportation fees, and new challenges requiring everyday intervention. Dean Musgrove, AP, source: USA Today The Reasons […]

A Simple Guide to Successful Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Since manufacturing took the stage, it has gone through several crucial turns. Nowadays, we live in the era of the fourth industrial revolution that brings Industry 4.0 to life. Automation technologies have become more sophisticated. They aren’t just programmed to execute routine patterns, but to take over a part of the independent decision-making process and […]

Manufacturing Automation Technologies: Best Examples and Use Cases

Automation is a driver of growth in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers chase the goal of enforcing higher productivity and switching to cost-effective approaches, and automation has every capacity to achieve just that.  Nowadays, manufacturing has hit a new benchmark in terms of automation, with cutting-edge technology playing a significant role almost everywhere across the board. […]

Top 6 Cost Reduction Strategies for Manufacturing Industry

Top 6 Cost Reduction Strategies for Manufacturing Industry

Every business always fights for lowering costs. Manufacturers are no exception — there are dozens of expenses that are necessary and responsible for the smooth running of the production process and optimal supply chain management. According to Fictiv’s 2021 State of Manufacturing Report, 47% of manufacturers state that supply chain overhead costs become too high […]

Computer Vision Use Cases in Manufacturing

Nowadays mankind is at that stage of evolution when the vital part of people’s work is transferred to machines. Actually, computer vision is a part of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which helps with the process of machine automation. Computer Vision and Its Options Computer Vision (CV) is a process of collecting visual data by machines from […]

IoT Trends in Manufacturing: What to Expect in 2022

IoT is a hot and popular topic of discussion among people working in the manufacturing industry all over the world, particularly people in management positions. Internet of Things enables dozens of new approaches to factory operations. According to the research made by IDC, the combined added value from the improvement in operations powered by IoT […]