Predictive Lead Scoring Software Development with AI/ML

In an age of automation and advanced analytics, relying on guesswork to find leads is the most ineffective approach. You probably don’t want to rely on this approach to build customer and lead relationships, and you certainly don’t want to rely on randomization to succeed. For this reason, you must determine the right client’s portrait, […]

Digital Optimization of the Orthopedic Shoes Business

The following article is going to focus on the marketing and promotion of the app that helps users find and order orthopedic shoes and insoles through app marketplace. We are also going to discuss the clear benefits a lifestyle mobile app with gamification features can bring to the table when it comes to distributing your […]

How Brands Attract Customers by Using Digital Technologies

Retail business is very similar to Darwinian evolutionary theory claiming survival of the fittest. Brands are willing not only to survive but to succeed by any means so the intense competition is not a surprise. Since the world is going online, marketers get more effective tools available for attracting clients and digital technologies are among […]