A SaaS Pricing Guide: SaaS Pricing Models, Strategies, & Examples

Creating a successful pricing strategy for your SaaS business is essential for ensuring long-term success. Our Guide provides an in-depth look at the various pricing methods and strategies that can be used to maximize profits. We cover pricing models, pricing tiers, and how to determine the right price for your SaaS product. Contents SaaS business […]

Tips and Nuances for Building a Multi-tenant SaaS Platform for Retail Industry Based on Altamira Experience

The needs of a modern customer doing online shopping have become totally different compared to the retail experience 5 years ago. According to the statistics, services that deliver better customer experiences obtain revenues between 4% and 8% above their market. Since the retail landscape is today more competitive than ever, offering a personalized unique retail experience is a business […]

SaaS Development Consulting: Turn Your Internal Software to Cloud

SaaS Development Consulting: Turn Your Internal Software to Cloud

These days businesses of all sorts of different specializations and sizes use custom internal business software to streamline their company processes, automate daily operations, and manage all branches of the company. Some of these businesses are thinking about converting their custom business apps to being SaaS-based. There are obvious and hidden reasons for this tendency. […]

Successful SaaS Software Development – Transform your Business Ecosystem

Choosing Software as a Service SaaS software development means reliability, simplicity, and security enabling businesses to meet 21st-century business demands. The possibility of on-demand delivery and the possibility to get specific features in your application or software service directly to the business or to the end-user. Organizations that view and use cloud services as part […]

Enhance Your SaaS Product Development

SaaS Development Consulting: Turn Your Internal Software to Cloud

Based on Gartner’s research, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model is way ahead of other end-user-related types of services on offer. Businesses of different specializations actively integrate their processes with cloud-based SaaS solutions, which is predicted by Gartner to amount to yearly spending of $172 billion as soon as 2022. It is almost 30% more than […]

SaaS Cloud-based Application Development

SaaS Development Consulting: Turn Your Internal Software to Cloud

Currently, SaaS solutions are considered to be three times more used than PaaS and IaaS apps. The development of SaaS solutions enables your business to evolve and grow, promote your brand in the modern market and increase your income. Here are the main types of SaaS application development used within many businesses: White label development […]