Advantages of Launching the Startup with an Outsourcing Team

Outsourcing a development team is the most suitable type of cooperation for startups. Outsourcing vendors have already set up their team-building process, business leaders, development and project management methodology, human resources, and inner processes to ensure the software projects will be done successfully. Further, in the post, we would like to dive into the advantages […]

Pitfalls and Main Risks of Software Development Outsourcing for Startups

When the startup is born, its founders are bound to encounter dozens of difficulties. Technology development is one of the most challenging topics at any stage of startup development.  For many startups, software development outsourcing becomes the most convenient option, so they initiate cooperation with a certain software development company.  Though outsourcing for startups has […]

How to Build MVP for Startup: From Product Idea to Project Success 

Starting your own business and launching a new project is an exciting and yet challenging experience. There are so many questions in your head and so many steps ahead. And you probably understand that to have even the most brilliant startup ideas and enough money in your pocket is not enough to achieve success and […]