Is Node.js Still Relevant for Startup Development in 2023?

When choosing a technology for startups, businesses should concentrate more on business value than technology. The proper focus guarantees quick and efficient growth, future scaling, and cost efficiency.  Node.js applications open new opportunities for many business directions. It has been growing its popularity since 2009 and still holds high positions in the rank nowadays. In […]

Custom Software Development for Startups: How We do it in Altamira 

It’s an undeniable fact that startups make our world a better and smarter place. Take Uber, Airbnb, Zoom, LinkedIn and other solutions that we actively use on a daily basis. They turn communication, employment, traveling, shopping and working activities to a whole new level.  No wonder each year the number of startups increases and breaks […]

Why Flutter Mobile App Development is the Best Option for Startups?

How to define whether the startup is successful or not? It is simple – by the number of users and customer retention rate. What influences it? The ability of startup owners to launch their feature-rich mobile applications smoothly operating on various platforms within the shortest terms and without spending huge budgets. However, is it generally […]

MVP vs MMP – All You Should Know to Make Right Development Decisions

Digitalization is the trend that keeps making our world a more connected and comfortable place. According to Statista, as of 2021 there were 3.48 million apps available in Google Play and around 2.22 million – in the App Store. And global spending on enterprise software was $605bn. These numbers keep growing which proves that custom […]

Pitfalls and Main Risks of Software Development Outsourcing for Startups

When the startup is born, its founders are bound to encounter dozens of difficulties. Technology development is one of the most challenging topics at any stage of startup development.  For many startups, software development outsourcing becomes the most convenient option, so they initiate cooperation with a certain software development company.  Though outsourcing for startups has […]