How to Find a New Software Vendor after Failiure?

As is often the case, business owners experience that a seemingly good and reliable custom software development company delivers bad code or undermines the implementation of the software. It may also happen that everything works well at first, however, you may discover inflexibility, malfunctioning, or it is difficult to maintain the product when you try […]

Hire Remote Software Development Team [Successful Management Tips]

The past two years of the post-pandemic period have brought significant transformations together with the new challenges to the organization of work and the way people engage in the workplace. And these changes are ongoing. Companies of all sizes, including scaling startups, are looking for remote software developers to supplement the team with the lacking […]

How to Hire Developers if You Aren’t a Tech Person

It is hard to imagine a modern company that has no custom software. Each year more and more businesses snub ready-made solutions and try their luck instead at  developing their own software in-house for internal or external usage.  Instead of detailing the various  advantages of custom business management tools, this article will instead discuss how […]

The Role of an ETL Developer: Skills and Responsibilities

Nowadays, data is the most valuable asset for most businesses. So the more information you can collect the better, right? Actually, no. The situation is a little bit more complicated. Because even terabytes of data may bring you no results if it’s not managed properly. In small and medium companies, this task may be performed […]