ERP for Custom Manufacturing: Strengthen and Amplify Your Business

The pandemic has brought so many challenges that influenced businesses all over the world, and the manufacturing industry was among those that were impacted by the “new order”. Recently we have recently come across one interesting piece of research about digital transformation and how COVID- 19 became a catalyst for changes in the manufacturing sector.  […]

Manufacturing Industry Software Solutions: ERP vs MRP

It’s not a secret that innovations promote business growth. And you have probably read a lot about such new technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, the internet of things, etc., and how they can really make a difference for any company in the manufacturing industry. We don’t want to waste your time and […]

Top 6 Cost Reduction Strategies for Manufacturing Industry

Top 6 Cost Reduction Strategies for Manufacturing Industry

Every business always fights for lowering costs. Manufacturers are no exception — there are dozens of expenses that are necessary and responsible for the smooth running of the production process and optimal supply chain management. According to Fictiv’s 2021 State of Manufacturing Report, 47% of manufacturers state that supply chain overhead costs become too high […]

Computer Vision Use Cases in Manufacturing

Nowadays mankind is at that stage of evolution when the vital part of people’s work is transferred to machines. Actually, computer vision is a part of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which helps with the process of machine automation. Computer Vision and Its Options Computer Vision (CV) is a process of collecting visual data by machines from […]