How to Scale a Startup

Do you remember when you finally launched your startup? Most likely, it felt amazing, and you have experienced great relief. Later, thanks to hard work and the right team your customer base started to expand, the product has become more stable, and more profit started to appear. You have seen more opportunities for your startup, […]

What is CTO a as a Service and Why it is Good for Startups?

A severely competitive environment makes it extremely important to keep up with the latest tech updates, especially for startups. Technology in the sense of materials and processes can become a magic wand able to transform startups and build tech innovations into their strategies and operating models to have greater business success. In this article, we […]

Organizational Structure of a Tech Startup Team When It Is Time To Grow

Organization structure is a sore spot for the majority of startups. It might be challenging to find suitable people and set up efficient communication and cooperation between tech startup team members.  Your team structure might change pretty rapidly, especially during periods of growth and expansion. You need to find a balance between the team size, […]

Advantages of Launching the Startup with an Outsourcing Team

Outsourcing a development team is the most suitable type of cooperation for startups. Outsourcing vendors have already set up their team-building process, business leaders, development and project management methodology, human resources, and inner processes to ensure the software projects will be done successfully. Further, in the post, we would like to dive into the advantages […]

Largest Tech Conferences for StartUps and Entrepreneurs

If you’re a young entrepreneur who seeks funding for your Startup you probably should attend conferences, event, and shows where you can make connections and, maybe, find an investor. But, to be honest, events and conferences offer Startups and Entrepreneurs an amazing platform to turbocharge their businesses not only by getting money. At the beginning […]

Reasons Why Startup Does Not Need CTO or Technical Partner

It’s not a secret that early-stage tech startups always meet plenty of difficulties and challenges before moving to the development process. It’s the period when the misallocation of resources often takes place, especially when founders are non-technical persons. Being a non-technical founder you are more likely to distribute resources in the wrong way. But is […]