How Offshoring Can Help Your Business Survive an Economic Recession

The global economy now goes through a rough phase when everything is quite unstable, and many businesses face financial and employment difficulties. Needless to say that pandemics, aftermaths of all lockdowns, and many other political and financial factors influenced the economy and led to rising inflation.  If you take a look at the fresh world […]

Enterprise Node.js Development: The Ultimate Guide for SMB & Enterprise

In the world of enterprises, strong and quick software and web apps became a must-have, whether you’re looking for services to use inside the company or you’re offering a product to the outer audience. Usually, enterprise apps and websites need to handle a lot of users with minimum delay in response and show high performance […]

How Long Does It Take to Develop a Web App: Answers to All Questions


A question all app developers get asked is how long it will take them to produce a given solution. That, along with how much web-based app development costs, are the single two most frequently asked questions that developers face. Web applications are growing in popularity by the day. The app development process is complex and rather long-term where every […]

How Much Does Web Portal Development Cost?

Web solutions have become very common among various businesses. One can hardly find a company that won’t benefit from having a web portal. This type of software allows organizations to automate numerous processes and significantly increase employee, customer, and partner engagement with the business. But how much money does a company need to develop a […]

How Much Does PHP Development Cost?

What do such websites like Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and MailChimp have in common? Of course, all of them are really popular, and I bet most of us use at least one of these sites quite often. But there is also one more thing — they all are built with PHP programming language. Actually, not only […]