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How to Create a Converting Landing Page

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It is wise to start with the marketing and collecting of potential users, even before your web or mobile project is completed. The best way to do this is to have the landing page up and running. With that in mind, how should this landing page look like in order to gather as many users as possible?

Making a Landing Page

A landing page can be designed by using one of the already existing tools on the Web. For example, (developed by Altamira) is the tool that allows you to quickly build a landing page with easy to use drag and drop functionality. It can be done with WordPress or Joomla CMS if you are planning to customize it heavily. You can also order the landing page through our team and we will handle all the design and development for you.

What Should a Landing Page Contain?

Once you have selected the tool for developing your landing page, you need to think about what blocks/sections your landing page should have in order to attract more viewers and users, as well as motivate them to leave their contact details.  Below, we have prepared the list of things that you should include to make your landing page efficient.

Make Your Landing Page Mobile Friendly

Since we are in a world where even a 5-year old is already using a smartphone and where traffic jams exist because New Yorkers are trying to catch the rare Pokémon in Central Park during the middle of the night, a non-responsive landing page that is only available on a desktop is not an option at all. Therefore, while making your design; think of how it would also look on a mobile phone or tablet.

The Design Should Follow Your Corporate Identity

If you already have a brand and the purpose of your landing page is to promote the brand, you should keep it unified in some way. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all landing pages should be very similar or even identical, but a small thing that would remind users of what the brand is would be a nice touch and will increase your credibility. The credibility of your brand increases with social proof, which means that you should place customer reviews on your landing page. In times of uncertainty, people tend to do as others do. Even more convincing, responders will look for the call to action. Consider this: The conclusion drawn by visitors as to whether to trust your website or not is usually formed within 2-3 seconds upon landing on the website.

Effective Content on Your Landing Page is Important

Content may not be completely read by viewers, but it is skimmed at the least. Make sure it doesn’t have any errors or typos. Be very specific about what you want to convey and use no excessive wording. Viewers don’t have time to read long content. Tell them why they should leave their contact details and what they will get from it. A good word count to consider is about 7 words +/- 2. In designing your landing page, make the most important message that you want to convey to them stand out. If you are just looking for subscribers or leads, shorter sentences will be enough. If the landing page conversions are derived from purchases, it is better to use longer, more persuasive sentences.

Landing Page Design and Images

Visuals for landing pages should always be of high quality. Images are the first thing that draws a viewer’s attention. If they are created in lower quality or are not conveying the required emotional message, they will most likely be useless and can harm your business by creating bad viewer impressions of the company. When you design your landing page, remember that too many images can also make the site slower so it is not a good idea to overdo this.

The Landing Page Call to Action

One of the most important parts of a landing page is the call to action. A properly selected call to action can increase the number of viewers by double the count or even more. They say that red, orange, and yellow are the best colors for a call to action since it makes people want to spend money. However, make sure that orange fits your color scheme if you decide to use it. Overall, the chosen colors should mesh well on the landing page, in order to effectively attract attention. The best place for a call to action is on the left part of the page, mainly because people read websites from left to right. In addition, the call to action should not focus on a product, but should generate interest in it or else the landing page may look too pitchy to trust. With that in mind, do not use “Buy Now” or “Order Now” as that is more acceptable in your eCommerce website. Furthermore, you can have more than one <style=”font-size: 25px;” call to action>, but be sure that they are associated with each other and funneled to one main goal. If you pitch two different directions, you’ll create confusion and your viewers will lose interest. Lastly, keep the call to action simple. Don’t confuse your audience with product color options, add-ons, etc. When creating a call to action button on the form; avoid using “Submit.” It is better to use others like “Download Now,” “Get Free Access,” “Get Your Free Trial,” “Join Our Subscribers,” etc. Keep your landing page simple and keep it clean. That will get you farther!

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